True Saints

Only 20% amongst Sadhus – Seers are true Saints ! – H.H. Dr. Athavale (25.12.2014)

Importance of sadhana with regard to establishment of Hindu Rashtra

The powerful Hindu Organizations, in the absence of spiritual practice, could not do anything in the past 67 years, and the nation as well as Dharma have touched the lowest point of deterioration. This should make the patriotic and devout Hindus realize the importance of sadhana. – Dr. Athavale (21.12.2014)

Importance of making home an ashram

‘When home is treated as Ashram; everyone gets its benefit. Chaitanya is emitted through such house which helps even neighboring houses and their residents and purifies atmosphere in the area. We want to thus purify the whole Earth.’

Importance of creating ‘Bhav (spiritual emotion)’

In the initial stages, it is appropriate to talk to, play with Srikrushna etc. for remaining in constant communion with Him; but in the next stage, chanting is more appropriate ! It is because more words have to be used while talking to Him but in a chant, only 4-5 words are enough. Going from … Read more

Perspective for looking at mistakes

‘Many people continue to think about the mistakes even after mistakes are committed. They perform even ‘seva’ under tension as they feel that they would commit mistakes in ‘seva’. There is no need to constantly think about mistakes. During our hundreds of previous births, we have committed innumerable mistakes; but that is our past; therefore, … Read more

All ‘Dharma-drohis’ who are removing ‘Om’ and ‘Surya-namaskar’ from ‘Yoga’ and teaching wrong things, should know this !

Are those, who remove ‘Om’ and ‘Surya-namaskar’ from ‘Yoga’, thinking that they have more knowledge than our Sages and Seers? ‘Yogasana’ is not just physical exercise but it is also spiritual exercise. ‘Dharma-drohis’ working at psychological level are not remembered either for their work or even by their names; whereas what is advised by Sages … Read more

‘Learn to tackle all problems faced at individual, social, national…

‘Learn to tackle all problems faced at individual, social, national or religious levels, only at spiritual level rather than at psychological or intellectual level; only then their ‘Karyakaran bhav (cause and effect)’ and solutions on them would be realized and you will be successful.’

It is not age but spiritual level is given importance…

It is not age but spiritual level is given importance in spiritual science ! : ‘In worldly life, we pay obeisance to a person who is elder to us; whereas age is not at all important in spirituality as spiritual level of a person is important ! Saints are paid obeisance and respect even if … Read more