Who is called a human ?

Freedom of expression, wantonness could at best be the characteristics of animals, not of humans. Only those who abide by Dharma and strictly follow Scriptures, can be called humans ! – Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Importance of Astrology

Westerners forecast the coming few years with their intellect; astrology, on the other hand, provides information on eras to come. The two can just not be compared ! – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Jayant Athavale

The uniqueness of Sanatan Sanstha

Right now everyone in the society earns various degrees and money for honor and prestige. On the other hand, in Sanatan Sanstha, everyone sacrifices body, mind and money without expecting any material gains. – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale

How can India become a superpower ?

During the 1971 Indo-Pak war, China wanted to send its Navy to assist Pakistan. India has to plan its economic strategies keeping in mind China’s wicked moves. Only then can India become a superpower. – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale

Uneducated communists

Communists do not know of words such as prarabdha (Destiny); they use words like Communism and make a laughing stock of themselves! – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale