Majority Hindus, who have attained a state similar to that of Arjun

In adhyay 2, shloka 11 of Shrimadbhagwadgeeta Shrikrushna tells Arjun, ‘O’ Arjun! You grieve for the undeserving and argue like intellectuals’. State of majority Hindus is similar. Instead of taking action they merely argue at length and consider it to be their greatness. – Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Athavale

The futility of the claim that all religions are equal !

‘When an illiterate claims that letters are nothing more than some black marks, it shows his utter ignorance. Similarly, those who claim that all religions are equal show their ignorance about the subject. It is as foolish as claiming different medicines or different laws are just the same.’ – Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Athavale

This is how the rulers should be !

Seeing God requires no spectacles; nor is a hearing aid necessary to hear Him. A clean conscious is all that is needed. A ruler who loves his subjects is similar. He neither requires spectacles to identify the unhappy citizens nor requires hearing aid to hear their difficulties. – Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Athavale

Isn’t the word ‘communism’ ridiculous ?

Not just human beings, even trees, mountains, rivers, etc. look different. In such a case, isn’t the word ‘communism’ ridiculous? – Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Athavale

Ridiculous rationalists

Limitations of science are understood only by the true students of science. Whereas, the so-called rationalists give science undue importance. – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale

Meaningless communism

Of the 750 crore odd people in the world, no two individuals have in common their built, virtues & vices, art, intelligence, wealth, etc. Does the word communism have any meaning then? – Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Athavale

Ungratefulness of the present generation

Lack of education on Dharma and spiritual practice has made the present generation ungrateful. They stake claim on parents’ property, but are not prepared to serve them in their old age. – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale

Limitations of Scientific research

Scientific research simply aims at bestowing physical, psychological and intellectual happiness to mankind. God-realisation to all is not at all on its radar. – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale

Rulers that find superficial solution

True peace is experienced only upon merging with nirgun God principal. Despite this fact, instead of teaching spiritual practice to the citizens, rulers advise them superficial psychological solution, such as making superficial efforts to overcome people’s problems, establishing mental hospitals, etc. -(Paratpar Guru) Dr. Jayant Athavale

Good for nothing science

Science has not taught humanity to humans; instead, it has given mankind destructive weapons and missiles. Hence, science is good for nothing. – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Jayant Athavale