Difference between politicians and patriots

There is but one objective in everything that politicians do – to get re-elected in the next election; conversely, all that the patriots strive for is the welfare of the Nation and Dharma. – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale

Faith matters over size

Area-wise and population-wise India is many times larger than Pakistan; and yet, Pakistan has been toying with India for the past 74 years. It is because of the faith of Pakistanis in Kuran and Allah. – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale

Uniquessness of Sanatan’s Ashram

In society, offices and other places we find emulation of ego, lying, corruption, etc. Whereas, in Sanatan’s Ashram, it is emulation of the virtues! – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale

The oversmart rationalists !

Spiritual practice develops subtle perception ability in an individual. Only then, does he perceive the importance of Yajna. Rationalists lack this ability and hence say, ‘Instead of burning objects in a Yajna, give them to the poor’. – Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Importance of subtle (spiritual) make-up !

Gross (physical) make-up attracts others; whereas, subtle (spiritual) make-up is elimination of personality defects and ego, and that attracts God. – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Jayant Athavale

Who is called a human ?

Freedom of expression, wantonness could at best be the characteristics of animals, not of humans. Only those who abide by Dharma and strictly follow Scriptures, can be called humans ! – Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Western philosophy and Hindu Dharma can just not be compared

Seeking happiness is the only goal of western philosophy and their various inventions. The truth is that human greed for happiness can never be fulfilled. Hence, despite numerous inventions, humans are becoming increasingly unhappy. Conversely, Hindu Dharma guides on God-realisation, meaning, obtaining eternal Bliss; Hence, those who abide by Hindu Dharma are never unhappy. – … Read more