Gudhi : Importance and prayer to the Gudhi

If one understands the implied meaning and science behind the holy days and religious festivals, only then can they be celebrated with complete faith. Therefore in these articles emphasis has been given to explain the implied meanings and science. This article provides information on why Gudhi is hoisted on Gudhipadwa, relationship between Gudhi and battle, and which prayer is to be said on the day of Gudhipadwa.

1. Reaping maximum benefits from the Prajapati frequencies

By hoisting Gudhi, the combined waves of the Prajapati Deity enter the house using kalash as a medium. (This is akin to the antenna of a television set). The next day onwards, we should use the kalash for storing drinking water. A kalash charged with the Prajapati waves imparts them to the water stored in it. Thus, we benefit from the Prajapati waves throughout the year. In the Prajapati waves, the extent of Prajapati waves is 80%, whereas the proportion of Surya, Yam and composite waves is 10%, 8% and 2% respectively. On no other day in the entire year, the proportion of Prajapati waves is so high. Prajapati waves have multiple positive effects such as, increase in the potential of the soil to cause sprouting of vegetation, intellect becoming expansive, and the wells developing new channels of water.

2. Radiation of sattva-gun, Divine consciousness, waves of
Knowledge and materialistic-non-materialistic Principle of Brahma to the
extent of more than 50% from Deity Brahma and hoisting of Gudhi to absorb them

As compared to any other day, on the day of Gudhipadwa, the radiation of sattva-gun, Chaitanya (Divine consciousness), waves of Knowledge and materialistic-non-materialistic Principle of Brahma from Deity Brahma is more than 50%. Gudhi is hoisted in front of the entrance door of the house to absorb these frequencies. By hoisting Gudhi, sattva-gun, Chaitanya, waves of Knowledge and materialistic-non-materialistic Principle of Brahma can easily enter the premises through the medium of the Gudhi. Once the Gudhi gets charged with Principle of Brahma, the Principle gets absorbed in the garland of flowers, candies of sugar, copper kalash and mango leaves tied to the Gudhi, and they too get charged with it. Out of these, if the usable items are either consumed or preserved in the premises, the individual gets benefited and the Principle of Brahma gets absorbed in each and every cell of its body. Since the Gudhi is erected and placed at the entrance door for the entire day (until sunset), the sattva-gun, Chaitanya, waves of Knowledge and materialistic-non-materialistic Principle of Brahma flow in to the premises throughout the day and get preserved. The people living in the premises as well as those visiting the premises get benefitted due to this for the entire year. The individual should possess spiritual emotion to the extent of at least 40% in order to benefit from the subtle radiations from the Principle of Brahma. More the spiritual emotion possessed by the individual, more is he benefited to the maximum extent from the waves of knowledge, Divine Energy, waves of sattva and Principles of specific Deities and from the Holy festival.

–  God (Through the medium of Miss. Madhura Bhosale, 9.3.2005, 10:30 am to 12:01 pm)

3. Relation between battle and Gudhi

A. Reason behind erecting Gudhi at each stage of the battle

Gudhi symbolizes victory. Out of 6 traits of God, by the virtue of the trait of ‘success’, since Deities are already the winner at each stage of the battle with the Daemons, Gudhi is erected to symbolize it at each stage of the battle.

B. Receiving blessings from superior Deities in the form of Their Principles, after making use of Gudhi in the battle

Depending upon the cloth which is tied to the Gudhi, the waves of Divine Energy, spiritual emotion, Chaitanya, Anand (Bliss) are transmitted from it as per need and everyone gets benefited through it. The subtle-most waves transmitted from the higher regions into the universe get attracted to the Gudhi after hoisting it and the warrior Deities get benefited from it. By erecting Gudhi, the warrior Deities receive Chaitanya through it and are able to bravely fight against the powerful daemons and achieve success in the battle. In this way the blessings in the form of frequencies of Principles from Deity Brahma and Deity Shiva are acquired by the Deities and in this way the superior Deities participate indirectly in the battle.

4. Prayers to be made on the day of Gudhipadwa

‘God, please make me capable of acquiring Your blessings and absorbing the sattvik waves emitted from the universe today to the maximum extent. I am incapable absorbing these waves. I am completely surrendering unto Your Holy feet. Only You can teach me how to absorb the sattvik waves. I pray unto Your Holy feet!’

– God (Through the medium of Shri. Mane, 13.3.2006, night)


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