Spiritual healing remedy of using empty boxes for curing ailments – Part 1

Saints have predicted that during the coming World War lll, lakhs of people will die due to nuclear radiation. In future, natural calamities will also increase. During adversity, the communication channels break down. It becomes difficult to take patients to a hospital, contact some doctor or buy medicines. Sanatan Sanstha has prepared a Holy text series that will help in facing these adverse times. The methods of treatment learnt from this series will be helpful not only during emergencies but at other times too; for, they will make everyone self-sufficient and confident. As of now, there are 13 Holy texts in this series. ‘Spiritual healing remedy of using empty boxes for curing ailments (2 Volumes)’ is one amongst these and we are introducing it in two parts. Information in detail is provided in these Holy texts.

‘Spiritual healing remedy of using empty boxes for curing ailments’ is a Holy text which will be useful not only during the adverse times but during normal times too.

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale


Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale : The
only Saint on earth who continuously devises
newer methods of performing spiritual remedies !

Most of the times, the reason for physical and psychological distress is spiritual in nature; and the most important reason for this is the distress caused by negative energies. Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale has devised many new spiritual remedies such as chanting the Names of Deities alternately, spiritual remedies on ailments caused by obstructions in the Pranashakti flow system etc. Hundreds of Sanatan’s seekers have benefitted from these spiritual remedies; as a result, these remedies have become ‘established sciences’. Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale has Himself conducted many experiments pertaining to spiritual remedies using empty boxes and experienced the healing personally. Hundreds of Sanatan’s seekers have also experimented with this remedy and they too have benefitted. Considering the benefits obtained by the seekers from this, we are presenting all the aspect of this remedial measure through a series of articles.


Empty boxes contain a void which holds the Akashtattva (Absolute Ether Principle). Spiritual healing takes place due to the Akashtattva. When empty boxes are used for performing spiritual remedies, the covering of distressing energy on the individual’s body, mind and intellect, as well as the distressing energy in the individual gets pulled into the void of the empty boxes and is destroyed. This leads to elimination of the root cause of the ailments, thereby helping in early recovery.

Spiritual remedies using empty boxes is very easy to perform and does not have any restrictions. The first part of this Holy text provides information on the scientific importance of boxes, various places on the body where this spiritual remedy can be performed, how to prepare boxes etc.

We pray unto the Holy feet of Shri Guru and Shri Narayan – the protector of the universe – ‘May more and more suffering people be cured quickly by performing these empty box remedies’.


1. General information on empty boxes

1A. What should be the dimensions of a box ?

1A 1. Perspective on the dimensions of a box

The human body is made of Panchatattva – Pruthvi, Apa, Tej, Vayu and Akash. Imbalance of Panchatattva in the body leads to ailments. The box dimensions vary according to the Panchatattva. Using an empty box that has dimensions associated with the Principle with which the ailment is associated proves to be 100% effective in curing the ailment; whereas, an empty box with general dimensions and which can be used for any purpose proves to be 70% effective. The specific dimension of the box associated with the specific Panchatattva has been mentioned in the Holy text on this subject. This article gives the dimension of the box that can be used for any purpose.

Despite this, if it is not possible to make boxes of various sizes, boxes used for any purpose and of any available size can be used.

1A 2. Dimensions of a box that can be used for any purpose

1A 2A. The length, width and depth (height) should be in the proportion of 10 : 7 : 6

1A 2B. General measurements of a box should be 25 cms. length X 17.5 cms. width x 15 cms. depth (See Fig. 1)

A ready box with 10% variation in the dimensions is acceptable (Method of making boxes has been explained in the Holy text along with images)

1A 3. Utility of large and small boxes

A. Large box : Use large boxes (of average dimensions or larger ones) to surround you while performing spiritual remedies, around the mattresses while asleep.

B. Small box : Use small boxes to perform remedies during travel, to make a crown for the head etc.

1A 4. More than the size, it is the bhav (Spiritual emotion) while using boxes which is important

Irrespective of the size of the box, if we have bhav while performing spiritual remedies using empty boxes, spiritual healing takes place. All said and done, if a box of the correct size is used with bhav, the output of the remedies is more.

1B. As far as possible, the box should be white.

1C. The void of a box is more important than the material from which it is made : During the adverse times, if boxes are not available, a bucket, utensil, container etc., whichever is easily available in the house, can be used based on the above principle for performing spiritual remedies.


2. Seats in the body where spiritual
remedies using empty boxes are to be performed

2A. Perform spiritual remedies using
empty boxes on the Kundalini-chakras of the body

2A 1. Science underlying spiritual remedies using empty boxes on the Kundalini-chakras of the body

The Pranashakti in the universe is imbibed by the Kundalini-chakras in the human body and is delivered to the respective organs through the medium of chakras. Obstacles in the Pranashakti flow system cause ailments. It is for this reason that negative energies attack the Kundalini-chakras and store distressing energy in them. Hence, it is important to perform spiritual remedies using empty boxes on the Kundalini-chakras.

Spiritual healing remedy of using empty boxes for curing ailments – Part 2

Spiritual healing remedy of using empty boxes for curing ailments – Part 3 

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