An ‘Incarnation’ imprints His mark over a period of thousands of years !

Ordinary people live their life like those of birds by collecting few sticks but amongst them are few great personalities who sacrifice own interests and live for nation and Dharma.Many such great personalities have been born in Bharat. Some of them create an imprint over their respective time periods and earn name. Few such personalities have been the gifts given by Bharat to the world. There also have been incarnations born in this land, who have created impact on whole mankind; who have worked for bringing positive changes in millions of people; creating divinity in them. One such form of incarnation is being experienced by us, seekers, with the grace of God and that is Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale. The entire life of Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale is a lesson and teaching on purpose of life and how to fruitfully live this life. Many seekers experienced His grace through His words and actions. Their purpose of life has been fulfilled and they are living in gratitude ‘bhav’(spiritual emotion). How are these incarnations per se who enrich life of thousands of people ? It is actually difficult to understand life style of such great personalities or to explain it in words; but from our experiences and with His grace, it is a simple attempt to put in words Parama Pujya Doctor (Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale) whom we have experienced !

1. To see every subject with ‘jidnyasa (curiosity)’;
study it thoroughly and make use of it for welfare of mankind

H. H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj, the Guru of H.H. Dr. had taught that ‘jidnyasu’ has the right to gain knowledge and today, even after reaching the stage of incarnation, H.H. Dr. is still practising that teaching. His basic outlook is that of a researcher; therefore, it is His nature to study everything at subtle level and analyze the same.

1. A. Looking at every change through the role of spiritual researcher and explain spirituality related to that change to people

Shri. Nagesh Gade

H. H. Dr. look at every change in a person, thing and atmosphere through the role of spiritual researcher; therefore, it helped in noticing many spiritual changes taking place in ashram which common people would not have realized. The subtle sounds created in ashram, vibrations felt through walls, changes in transparency in window-glasses, vibrations in inanimate things, changes occurring in tiles, divine fragrances experienced in ashram, changes in own body and body of seekers, images automatically manifesting at various places are few of the several examples. Seekers came to know about these things only because of the researcher’s attitude in H. H. Dr. His subtle vision registered these changes. He studied them with scientific and spiritual perspectives; explaining spiritual reasons behind the same. Owing to His outlook of a researcher, these changes and spiritual science behind the same will now be available for next thousands of years and it can be used for welfare of mankind.

1. A. To compile information on every subject and use it for creating awareness amongst people

H.H. Dr. is a very well read person and has read books on many subjects. His reading is of course not like any ordinary person reading a book and leave it after reading; but He has compiled whatever He read and felt it useful for mankind. Thus, matters read and compiled by Him from newspaper through paper-cuttings, were so high that it would have filled about 25 boxes. He has preserved what he compiled in appropriate manner. These writings are not only on matters related to Dharma or spirituality but He has classified them in more than 2500 subjects for their preservation. Considering the extensively compiled material by P. P. Dr., one can realize the efforts He must have ceaselessly made for so many decades and lot of gratitude is felt towards Him. It is due to the incessant hard work put in by H. H. Dr. for few decades, since most of the articles published in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ periodicals are based on that work, it helps even in writing of books. The apt replies given by spokespersons of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on various channels which make false propaganda against these organizations are also prepared through such writings. It shows His yearning to gain knowledge on every subject and pass it on to people. He is constantly reading periodicals published on various aspects of spirituality and books; making noting of useful information from them. He did not do it alone but he sowed seeds of such practice and the noble and expansive view behind such work even among seekers.

1. C. Try to know all unknown things and think at expansive level

H.H. Dr. reads books on various subjects. If he doesn’t know few points given there, he tries to learn them which includes meaning of law, government’s procedures etc. Once, he read about Baghdadi Point in Mahabaleshwar. He therefore, found out why the place was named as Baghdadi Point. He observed that many times the street-lights are not switched off during the day resulting in wastage of electricity; therefore, he told to find out about the Government’s order on the timings of street-lights. After obtaining the information, carelessness of the Government and drawbacks in management were found. H.H. Dr. instructed to write an article on this issue. He drew diagrams to show how the practice followed for hanging street-light on lamp-posts had drawbacks and ways to hang them so as to save power by proving it in scientific language. It was even published in ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’. He also learnt about the notice boards displayed on streets, distance to be maintained between two boards, its method of display, yardsticks to fit mirrors on roads etc. and then studying their drawbacks, he wrote on the subject in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ for creating awareness.

2. Strong wish for telling new things to others

As per the saying by Saint Tukaram that whatever one knows should be shared with others, H.H.Dr. has been following the teaching meticulously. He always shows all ashram-seekers changes taking place in surrounding areas of the ashram or if He observes something new in them; therefore, seekers get to see and experience rare things.

2. A. Changes happening in nature which relate to higher regions (lokas) of the Universe

1.Once in the evening, H.H. Dr. noticed that the atmosphere at the time of sunset was different than the usual atmosphere i.e. it was of light red colour; similar to the atmosphere in ‘Swarga-loka’ and he showed it to seekers from the ashram and told them to experience the same.

2. Once, he observed different atmosphere at sunset which he said was similar to ‘Jana-loka’ and told seekers to experience that too.

Changes in atmosphere might be a part of nature’s cycle in view of intellectual people; but for those, who live spirituality, experiencing atmosphere of ‘Swarga-loka’ or ‘Jana-loka’ on earth, is so fortunate.

2. B. Attractive and ‘bhavpurna’ flower-arrangements

Few seekers from the ashram make ‘bhavpurna’(spiritual emotion) and attractive flower arrangements while readying the plate for puja. H.H. Dr. was shown some of those arrangements when he advised to keep them for other seekers to see and take photographs of them. The outcome of this quality of H.H. Dr. has resulted in compilation of attractive and ‘bhavpurna’ flower arrangements through photographs which will reach people through medium of a book.

2. C. ‘Bhavpurna’ Greetings Cards

Seekers staying in ashram give greetings cards to each other on the occasion of birthdays or other ceremonies like marriage, thread ceremony etc. These greeting cards are made by seekers at spiritual level. In the beginning, seekers used to show the cards to H.H. Dr. He told them to compile them considering the ‘bhav’ (spiritual emotion)and ‘preeti’(spiritual love which is without expectations) with which the cards were made. A compilation of these cards will be published in the form of a book in coming period. These greetings cards will teach us how messages should be given with purity of mind, instead of meaningless verses published in costly greetings cards.

3. To live personal life with total detachment

H.H. Dr. Athavale’s Room

3. A. Diet

Food intake of H. H. Dr. has reduced; he has just 1-2 items that too in quantity which will fit in a fist.

3. B. Clothes

H. H. Dr. has 2-3 pairs of white kurta-pajama as daily wear and 2-3 sets for wearing in programs i.e. minimum to take care of His need.

3. C. Accommodation

H.H. Dr. stays in a room of 10 X 14 ft size with attached bathroom. There is no interior designer’s work. An air-conditioner (ac) has been there in the room which He never uses since He says that why should He have an AC if His seekers don’t have it.

3. D. Furniture

There is one table of 2 x 1. 5 ft size; a bed with width of 2.5 ft, 2 cupboards (in one iron cupboard, there are things required for daily use and the other wooden cupboard is used as ‘Puja-ghar’) There is one recliner chair in His room. That is all the furniture in his room. Most of the furniture has been received in donations. H.H. Dr. is particular about things received as offerings. One such example is – Once the reclining chair in H.H. Dr’s room was damaged and it was decided to change the chair. He, however, didn’t want to use new chair and asked to give some chair received by way of offerings; but the type of chair used by Him was not received in offerings. Later, one shopkeeper gave a chair at a very less price by way of offering which He started using.

3. E. Use of time

H.H. Dr. has been working for protection of Dharma since many years. Owing to his ill health, He has not been able to go out of His room for past few years. All this period was used by Him for ‘Dharmakarya’. He didn’t do anything even for a change; but His work starting from dawn to late night. He takes rest only when He has severe physical problem. In short, He has not kept His personal life separate from His ‘Dharmakarya’. Nobody has therefore, seen Him sitting quietly to take rest or doing something that is not useful for ‘Dharmakarya’.

4. Compilation of highest and divine qualities useful for ‘samashti’ !

H.H. Dr. is an incarnation of God, is the ‘bhav’(spiritual emotion) of all seekers. Though He is a Saint of highest level, He has never claimed of showing any miracles nor has He solved anyone’s worldly problems. He has explained that the more sincerely you practise spirituality, closer will you reach to God. He has always kept away from miracles and adulation which are generally associated with ‘avatari’ person. Still seekers call Him as ‘Avatari Purush’ because of the experiences of His superpowers and concentration of various divine qualities in Him.

4. A. Obedience

There are many instances of his following his Guru’s instructions when he used to be with his Guru. Now, despite being a Saint at level of Paratpar Guru, he follows instructions of many Saints. Many saints advise spiritual remedies for removing spiritual distress of Sanatan seekers and H.H. Dr. does them regularly. He doesn’t wish for any fruits for self from the remedies but follows them by way of obedience; to get benefit of resolves made by other Saints.

4. B. Preeti (spiritual love without expectations)

H.H. Dr’s ‘preeti’ without expectations is observed through many incidents.

1. Thousands of seekers are practising spirituality under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha. If seekers from any place meet P. P. Dr., he invariably enquires after other seekers whom he knows from that place; acknowledging that seeker’s sincere efforts of ‘Dharmaprasar’ and paying respect to him.
2. When He hears about illness of a seeker staying in ashram or about his domestic problems, He keeps track of the same and enquires about him from time to time; thus He sees that the seeker gets assurance at psychological and spiritual level.
3. He always considers seekers staying in the ashram as part of one family and feels that they should not be inconvenienced.
4. As in case of seekers, He also enquires about ‘Hindutvavadis’(one who works in interest of Hindu Dharma) and praises good work of a ‘Hindutvavadi’ even if He does not know him.
5. Whenever any seeker or seeker’s relative is sick, H. H. Dr. checks that arrangements are made for another seeker going with him to hospital for assistance or a vehicle is arranged for the purpose. While doing all these things, He never expects anything from that seeker in future; in fact, He has more gratitude -feeling towards him for his participating in activities for protection of nation and Dharma.

4. C. Teaching others

Work related to writing of books progresses in phases. Work related to the first stage is complex and difficult to learn. Earlier, H.H. Dr. used to do all such work; but slowly as seekers were available, H. H. Dr. started teaching them the work. Thus, He has taught the work to many seekers. Explaining all nuances of the work again and again to seeker; keeping an eye that no mistake was committed by that seeker and checking whatever the seeker did, is the job that needs to be done painstakingly and exhaustively; but H.H. Dr. never avoided it nor did He pass it on to others.

4. D. Being economical

Owing to this quality of H. H. Dr., Sanstha could come up with such expansiveness within short period even though financial sources were limited. It is worth learning from every small action of H.H. Dr., His way of economizing.

Papers which are blank on one side, inside of an envelope which is blank, one side of tickets, are used for writing. Checking of pages of the daily Sanatan Prabhat is done by printing it on such one-side blank papers. Thus in past 20 years, no print out is taken on a paper which is blank on both sides; except for work related to government. It will give an idea as to how much money of the Sanstha has been saved till now.

4. E. Thinking about others’ convenience

H.H. Dr. takes care to see that others are not inconvenienced. Irrespective of age of a seeker, H.H. Dr. feels that a seeker should not be troubled due to Him. Not only He followed this thing but He also sowed seed of that quality in seekers staying in ashram. Various procedures were set for functioning of the ashrams and seekers developed that quality of thinking about other’s convenience while following the procedures.

1. H.H. Dr. taught seekers that they should not make noise or light a high voltage lamp when they go to room of other seekers and a seeker is sleeping in the room.
2. H. H. Dr. taught seekers to go in batches and see exhibition, whenever any exhibition was put up in the ashram; so as to avoid crowding at a time and seekers’ time was not wasted.
3. H. H. Dr. taught seekers to take care of ailing co-seeker in the room or department by giving him medicines, food, washing his clothes etc. therefore, a seeker when falls sick, doesn’t have to go home to get well since his co-seekers take care of him like his family members.
4. Whenever H. H. Dr. needs assistance of any seeker while doing some seva(service unto the Truth), He sees to it that seeker’s usual timings of meals, rest, chanting etc are not changed or while doing seva, He leaves that seeker to follow his routine.

4. F. Ability to judge a person instantly

After talking to a person for 4-5 minutes, H.H. Dr. can judge the person immediately. Of course, this judging is from spiritual point of view. He sees how much ego such person has or how is his ‘bhav’ or how earnest he is towards Dharmakarya’ etc. and then guides him accordingly, going to level of that person for his benefit.

4. G. Meticulous about time

1. H.H. Dr. uses his time very meticulously e.g. He is always reading while having food.
2. Earlier, P. P. Dr. used to go on tours for conducting public satsangs. At that time, He used to stay awake and carry on His ‘seva’ of book-writing.

5. Being sensitive towards good and bad things happening in society

H. H. Dr. learns about what is happening in society through reading, travelling or other persons narrating him happenings in society. He thinks about it in a very sensitive manner and what can be done to change such situation, if bad. Few examples of the same are given below.

A. H.H. Dr. observed that there were serious grammatical mistakes in nameplates displayed on road-sides indicating name of the place. He immediately told to publish such names in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ and to lodge complaint with concerned department.
B. One seeker told Him about oppression of patients in hospitals; therefore, He advised to obtain all such experiences from readers of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ and undertake a drive to create awareness.
C. If a person has done something good for nation and Dharma, H.H. Dr. suggests publishing interview of that person in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ with the purpose of others getting inspiration from such person.

Even if one observes H. H. Dr. as an individual, one gets to learn how to lead an ideal life. Such ideal personality has been fitted in the spiritual setting; therefore, its radiance is being spread everywhere. It is difficult to compile such radiance in words and one can just get immersed in it and fulfill one’s life.

-Shri. Nagesh Gade, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa

Ref: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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