Some Saints happy with showiness and some who strive for upliftment of seekers without getting caught in ostentations

Saint Chokha Mela has said in one devotional song that ‘Oos Dongapari, Ras Nohe Donga, kaay Bhulalasi Varaliya Ranga (One should not get deceived by exterior form of anything). Looking at people’s interest in going to famous Saints and Seers during ‘Simhastha Parva’ held at Ujjain, I was reminded of the above devotional song.

Got an opportunity to observe few Sadhus-Saints during ‘Simhastha Parva’ and the main points of difference related to Paratpar Guru Sri Sri Jayant Athavale compared to them and noted in the process, are given below. Uniqueness of H.H. Gurudev is obvious even from the points observed in gross.

Other Saints/ keertankars / kathakars Paratpar Guru Sri Sri Jayant Balaji Athavale
1. Vyashti life  
Attire Mostly dress to attract others Simple kurta/ pajama
Diet Lavish food with desserts etc Simple as reqd by body
Seat Special, decorative Simple chair
Vehicle Costly and as status symbol Useful for carrying things while travelling (have not travelled in past 10 years)
Devotees Always  around As per requirement of ‘seva
Facilities Maximum As per requirement of ‘seva
Thrifty Not concerned about spending money Economical in use of paper for writing, in clothes etc
Use of time Not particular about time 100 % time used for ‘samashti’ benefit
2. Social Life
 Post  Try to get posts like Jagatguru, Mahamandaleshwar, Mahant  Keeps away from all posts
 Activities  At gross level and traditionally set with less outcome as per times  Reqd as per time, useful for nation and Dharma; multi-faceted and also at subtle level
 Time Given to eminent persons, politicians and those who can be of some help Given for ‘jidyansus’, seekers andSaints
 Guidance  As per the Sect  As per place, time  and situation
Social status To attend various social and political programs, for taking care of relations Giving time only for spiritual programs; feel that relation with God is most important than relation with others (Presently not going anywhere due to ill health)
Publicity Print own photograph on all ‘prasar’ material and give permission to devotees if needed, for paying reporters to get news published Keep far away from publicity; thinking of everything happening as per God’s wish
About incidents causing harm to Dharma Indifferent; else vocal only for giving response to media Explain science to people reg. incidents causing harm to Dharma and create awareness
3. Spiritual Activities
A . Creation of Ashrams or Mutts
Setting up of Mutt or Ashram Set up wherever place is available Creating ashrams as per need of seekers, converting seekers’ houses into ashram at many places
‘Jidnyasus’ need to pay Take money from seekers to learn various ‘Yoga-paths’ or ‘sadhana’, therefore, seekers financial position is the criterion No charges from seekers for sadhana or other activities; therefore, financial status is not the criterion but the only criterion is ‘jidnyasa’
Management of work Most of the Saints have to get work done but attention is not paid to quality Make seekers capable to do the job
Expenses Spend lot of money unnecessarily for show Teaches seekers to economize and re-use things; also give instructions for proper use of money
B. Development of seekers
Goal Not keeping goal of individual progress for seekers and not keeping even samashti goal Keeps goal of God realization constantly before seekers, also keeps goal of establishment of Hindu Rashtra
Teachings Make seekers attached to self; spending time in giving ‘darshan’ and blessings; thus keep same ideal before others Seekers are taught not to get attached to self and not spend time in ‘darshan’ or blessings, but uses that time for Rashtra and Dharma
Sanskar Not paying attention to seekers’ behavior Constantly guides seekers so that they be ideal seekers
Importance Given to completion of job Given to seekers’ sadhana, rather than completing the work, if need be
Guidance on difficulties Use supernatural powers for solving problems and take money for performing rituals etc Giving spiritual remedies for solving problems without taking money and give mental and spiritual strength to go thro’ destiny
Thinking about seekers Being partial to followers Thinks about all seekers as family members and helps and guides them
Thinking about spiritual progress Don’t much think about followers’ progress and even if it is thought, it is limited to certain Yoga-marg or ritualistic worship Constantly thinking about all-round progress of seekers and make them aware of the same.

-Shri. Anand Jakhotia, Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel (27.5.2016)

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