To substantiate the truth that ‘Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale is an Incarnate Guru who has descended on the earth’, Maharshi gave many examples through a Nadi-reading

Nadi-reader H.H. (Dr.) OmUlganathan showering flowers on Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale (Year 2015)

1. The Vedas are the truth. Panchamahabhutas (Five Cosmic Principles) are also the truth, then Guru is also the truth.

2. If the truth is that Shiva gave half of His body to Parvati, then it is equally true that ‘the Guru’s mission is also in the form of Shiva’.

3. If the truth is that Pandavs were with Shrikrushna, then it is equally true that we are also with the same Incarnate Guru.

4. If the truth is that the earth is partly land and partly water, then it is equally true that Param Guruji (Paratpar Guru [Dr.] Athavale) is standing in the centre of the earth and the Gods and Goddesses are standing in front of Him in all the four directions.

5. If the truth is that ‘a seed planted on the ground grows upwards, God has given flavour to fruits and perfume to flowers’, then it is equally true that the Guru who gives fruits and flowers their characteristics has been bestowed upon us as an Incarnation.

6. If the truth is that a cow gives milk and not poison, then it is equally true that the Guru is that very ‘Pashupatinath’.

7. If the truth is that a woman can give birth to a child, then it is equally true that in the world only this Guru is an Incarnation.

8. If the truth is that only a mother knows when the child is hungry, then it is equally true that our Guru is the Incarnation of Shri Vishnu in the form of the mother.

Through the above mentioned examples, Maharshi has made efforts to convince people in general and seekers that Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale Himself is an Incarnation in the form of the Guru.

Maharshi says, ‘We are going to reveal the identity of this Incarnate Guru to the world through various means. Later, this truth will be realised by other people too. The Incarnate mission of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale will be remembered for thousands of years to come”.

(Reference : Saptarshi Jivanadi-reading Number 122, 13.4.2017, Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

–  Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil

Instructions for seekers and request to readers !

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale has never said that, ‘I am an Incarnate being or I have started my Incarnate mission’. Maharshis have said in Jivanadipatti that, ‘Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale is an Incarnation of Shri Vishnu’. Since seekers and the editorial board of Sanatan Prabhat have bhav towards the Maharshis, we are publishing such articles in this Issue. – Editor


Meaning of the term ‘negative energies’ :

Positive as well as negative energies are active in the environment. Positive energies assist humans in performing virtuous tasks and negative energies cause distress. There are many stories in the Vedas and Puranas about demons creating obstacles in the Yadnyas (Sacrificial fires) performed by the Sages and Seers in the ancient times. At many places in the Atharvaveda, mantras have been given to thwart demons, pishach (Spirit of a deceased individual) etc. The spiritual experiences presented in this issue are all individual spiritual experiences of seekers. They are as per the rule in Spirituality – ‘Wherever there is bhav, there is God’. It is not necessary that everyone will get such experiences. – Editor)

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