Appreciation of Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale, founder of Sanatan Sanstha, for His supernatural work of ‘Dharmarakshan’ and ‘nurturing of seekers’ by yoga expert Dadaji Vaishampayan!

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Yoga expert Dadaji Vaishampayan


1. Incomparable work of protection
of Dharma undertaken by the daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’!

1 A. Unequivocal answer to the criticism on Hindu Dharma

‘Sanatan Prabhat’ is the only daily newspaper in which unequivocal response to the unwarranted criticism on Hindu Dharma and devout Hindus is given by you (Dr. Jayant Athavale) and your service-oriented seekers fearlessly.

1 B. Thoughtful refutation, of those who make
controversial statements by misinterpreting a sentence from
Vedas without looking at the context, through the daily,’Sanatan Prabhat’

At present, in many places, it has become a practice to pick up one sentence from Vedas in isolation and to criticize against it without holistically studying the knowledge imparted by our sages in the Vedas. One of the aims of some has been to take the meaning of a sentence without referring to the previous and next sentences and to make publicity for themselves by making controversial statements; But you spontaneously refute this criticism with deep research and thoughtful approach in the daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’, which is admirable !


2. Emphasis laid on scientific and social
aspects of traditions and customs by Paratpar Guru
Dr. Athavale without blindly imitating them, is highly beneficial

Because of your in-depth medical knowledge, you know the psychology of the seekers ! Seekers have utmost devotion and faith in God which brings about sincerity in their worship and continuance in their spiritual practice, which in turn bestows various spiritual experiences to them. Proper meaning of these spiritual experiences is explained to the devout seekers and it is helpful in their spiritual progress on the transcendental path. It is indeed in our best interest to emphasize the scientific and social aspects of the tradition without blindly following it.


3. Paratpar Guru Doctor, who takes seekers to the level of
sainthood by making their spiritual progress through precise guidance !

3 A. Senior seekers in the Ashram becoming guardians
of the new seekers and the unparalleled guidelines for controlling
enemy in the form of ego laid down in the Ashram by the Paratpar Guru Doctor

Senior seekers in Sanatan’s Ashrams take care of new seekers like their children. This is a rare picture and seen only in your ashram. This way the novice seekers get precise guidance and the seniors (elder seekers) are not touched by ego. This is indeed very special, and the seeker progresses by maintaining balance in his spiritual practice. There is no other enemy like ego. The guidelines you have setup to keep it under control cannot be found anywhere else. Whether the seeker is a senior or a novice, mistakes do happen from them, and their mistakes are then written on the notice board. This gives them a chance for improvement and removes their ego. ‘Since we are ordinary seekers, it is but natural that we will make mistakes’, however to accept them and improvise self is exemplary and indeed worth imitating.

3 B. Habituating seekers to perform seva
along with constant chanting of the Name of God

In order to imbibe the attitude of servitude in seekers, they have to be given various types of sevas. While performing these seva, the seeker tries to inculcate the habit of chanting the Name of God constantly. Once the seeker becomes accustomed to continuous chanting of the Name of God, he remains in continuous communion with Shrikrushna and then the ultimate goal does not remain difficult to achieve.

3 C. Generating spiritual emotion towards seva

Seekers should bear spiritual emotion that the field in which we are working, per our previous karma, is indeed a service unto God. Your teachings of being in constant communion with God are admirable.

3 D. Many seekers having made spiritual progress and attained
sainthood due to precise guidance of Paratpar Guru Doctor, being commendable

It is only due to your constant and precise guidance that some of your laboring seekers have attained higher spiritual levels, while some seekers have attained sainthood. They have achieved it while performing their worldly duties. I have learnt that some of them had made significant progress despite having various physical difficulties. If I have to list down all the names, the list will be huge ! This is really commendable.

I pray to Shrikrushna and Shri Gurudev Datta for the fulfillment of the objective of progressive growth of the span of your work and the activities be carried out without any hindrance by the government. ‘

– Yoga expert Dadaji Vaishampayan (‘Adhyatmic(Spiritual) Om Chaitanya(consciousness)’, Diwali Special, 2013)
Reference: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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