Uniqueness of Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale !

1. No dress Code for self or even for seekers

Other ‘Samprayadas’ or Saints have certain code of dressing. In some organizations, it is necessary to wear saffron robes or at some places, ‘dhoti’ is mandatory. Paratpar Guru Dr, however, didn’t get trapped in any dress code nor did He force anything on seekers. He only taught that one should wear Indian style clothes; but didn’t insist for it. He showed that one can live ‘Adhyatma’ even in ‘Sahajavastha (natural state)’.

2. Paratpar Guru Dr. takes seekers
beyond ‘Aahaar’, ‘Nidra’, Yama’ ‘Niyam’ etc.

There are certain rules followed about ‘Aahaar’, ‘Nidra’, ‘Yama, ‘Niyam’ etc; but Paratpar Guru Dr. has taken seekers beyond everything. He never forced any seeker to stop eating non-vegetarian food or sleep and get up early. He used to say that everyone should do as per one’s nature and enjoy doing spiritual practice. Even then, all seekers have lost the desire to eat non-vegetarian food after doing spiritual practice. Today, those, who can stay awake late in the night and do seva(Service to the Truth), can do so and those, who can get up early and do seva, are doing that.

3. Did not let seekers feel the need for ‘Guru-mantra’

Few Saints give ‘Guru-mantra’ to devotees either immediately or after few days of their coming in association with that Saint and advise them to follow only that path of spiritual practice. Paratpar Guru Dr. however, taught spiritual practice as per ‘Gurukrupa Yoga’ and never let seekers feel the need for ‘Guru-mantra’.  He taught seekers to undertake spiritual practice of the next stage and as per the times.

4. Not organizing ‘darshan-sohalas’ of self

It is difficult for seekers to have ‘darshan’ of Saints. ‘Darshan-sohalas’ are organized of few Saints; but Paratpar Guru Dr. do not allow such things. He used to say that those coming for ‘darshan’ are selfish. It is not necessary that they would be interested in spiritual practice; therefore, our time should not be wasted in such things. Those who are true seekers would get connected to us in some way or the other. Today, same thing is happening. Those, who have yearning about spiritual practice, are getting connected automatically.

5. Not expecting any honour or awards

Paratpar Guru Dr. taught seekers, “When you would go after name and fame, remember that seeker-ship in you has started depleting. From there only, starts decline in spirituality.” He too never expects any honour or awards but leads life just as a seeker. Such things are, however, observed in other ‘Sampradayas’. Many times, there are fights amongst them over honour and recognition.

6. Sending all seekers to other Saints to learn

Initially, Paratpar Guru Dr. used to send seekers to other Saints through which He imbibed in seekers’ mind that ‘Guru-Principle’ is the same. He taught seekers to pay respect to and honour other Saints. He didn’t allow seekers to get trapped in the narrow thoughts about their belonging to only Sanatan. Therefore, seekers could win over many Saints and acquired their blessings.

7. Paratpar Guru Dr. teaching to look
at worldly problems through spiritual angle !

Generally, all Saints have the spiritual quality of ‘preeti (spiritual love)’ in them and they are concerned about devotees’ welfare. With that concern, they solve problems of their devotees as a mother would try to do. They want that devotee’s spiritual path should become easy by removing obstacles in his life; but while doing so, they don’t keep a check whether their devotee is practising spirituality or not. They either use their power or with their resolve, keep on solving devotees’ problems of any kind like arranging marriage of someone or getting a job or doing ‘anushthan’ if there is problem of not having children, to avoid someone’s ‘Mrutyu-Yoga’ etc. Paratpar Guru Dr. has, however, taught seekers to look at everything from spiritual angle. He has already told seekers that birth, death and marriage are the things which happen as per destiny. He, therefore, never solves such problems of seekers or doesn’t take doer ship if seekers’ problems are solved with their inner yearning with the grace of Paratpar Guru Dr or due to only His existence. He has told all seekers that spiritual practice is the best solution to all problems.

8. Teaching that protection of nation
and Dharma is spiritual practice as per times

Few Saints think only about their ‘sampradayas’. They, therefore, are not concerned about issues related to nation and Dharma whereas few Saints think only in limited way about these things. Paratpar Guru Dr. has, however, taught seekers that we would be able to do spiritual practice in future only if our nation and Dharma survives. They should therefore, be protected first and that is the spiritual practice as per times.

The above few points are like examples. There are many such points showing uniqueness of Paratpar Guru Dr. which seekers have experienced.

– Advocate Yogesh Jaltare, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (9.4.2016)

Ref: Sanatan Prabhat


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