In ‘Kali-Yuga’, ‘Gurumauli’ getting spiritual practice done from ‘jivas’ (embodied souls) as per different paths and GurukrupaYoga

Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale

Shriram and Shrikrushna carried on their mission as per the goals of their incarnations. Similar mission has been undertaken by Paratpar Guru Dr. in this ‘Kali-yuga’ without anyone’s knowledge; keeping Himself away from attention. Paratpar Guru Dr. has not only brought selected ‘jivas’ with Him for establishment of Hindu Rashtra (Sanatan Dharma Rajya), but He has sown the thought of establishment of Hindu Rashtra through many public rallies in minds of many souls.

Paratpar Guru Dr. has given guidance at every level through various mediums for upliftment in life to everyone who is practising spirituality as per own different path.

Shri. Parshuram Goral

1. Karma-Yoga (Path of Action)

Paratpar Guru Dr. has been teaching how every action should be done as per the saying ‘Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam ’ through His own actions. It has been shown by Paratpar Guru Dr. that any action when done by associating it with God’s name and devotion and with its credit (doership) given to God, it results in fast spiritual progress and one can move ahead in spirituality without stopping at any stage; therefore, many people following this principle through their actions, are progressing.

2. Bhakti-Yoga (Path of Devotion)

Paratpar Guru Dr. realized that devotion is the power to attain God for a devotee and He showed them the path of God realization. Paratpar Guru Dr. brought forth many examples to learn this fact. Everyone has love and devotion for God in different way. Some in the form of ‘Gopis’, someone considering God as a friend; but they are experiencing God as per their bhav (spiritual emotion). Paratpar Guru Dr. published books related to ‘Gopi-bhav’ and other types of spiritual emotion for understanding these concepts.

3. Dhyan-Yoga (Path of Meditation)

Paratpar Guru Dr. continuously made different types of seva (Service to the Truth) available to seekers for their ‘samashti sadhana’ for establishment of Hindu Rashtra. It helped every ‘jiva’ to determine his goal. He advised constant spiritual practice for achieving this goal; therefore, ‘jivas’ who are participating in this mission, are always in a state of meditation.

4. Dnyan-Yoga (Path of Knowledge)

Paratpar Guru Dr. guided the souls who were doing spiritual practice as per ‘Dnyan-Yoga’ for their upliftment. He is showing them how to make use of their knowledge for ‘Dharmakarya’ and guiding them to progress.

5. Gurukrupa-Yoga (Path of Guru’s grace)

All these ‘Yogas’ (i.e. Dnyan-Yoga, Dhyan-Yoga, Karma-Yoga’ and ‘Bhakti-Yoga) can be combined. Paratpar Guru Gurudev created ‘Gurukrupa Yoga’ because with Guru’s grace, a ‘jiva’ progresses fast. As a result, today, not only in Sanatan Sanstha but even amongst other people, many ‘jivas’ have been liberated and are becoming Saints. It is happening only because of the immense grace of Paratpar Guru Gurudev.

-Shri. Parashuram Goral (18.9.2014)

Ref: Sanatan Prabhat

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