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A disciple’s faith

The Guru depends on faith. In one’s faith itself lies the greatness of the Guru. The Guru too depends on your faith. He lies in your faith. – H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj


Implied meaning

In the first line, the Guru refers to the Guru’s external form. Only if one has faith in a Guru can He function as a Guru. The second line refers to the Omniscient Guru within.

The Guru does not mean a physical body. Since Gurus are devoid of a subtle-body (mind) and a causal body (intellect), they can communicate with the universal mind and universal intellect. Thus, since the mind and intellect of all Gurus is the universal mind and universal intellect, they are one.


Why is Gurukrupayoga the
best spiritual Path for a disciple ?

1. Gurukrupayoga helps in reducing ego

The values of Gurukrupayoga teach the individual how spiritual practice performed for the spread of Spirituality helps in reducing ego faster than it is possible through individual spiritual practice. This is because of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) being provided at the respective levels for reducing ego due to bhav (Spiritual emotion) for serving the Divine cause in spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality.

2. When an individual practices Gurukrupayoga,
his soul does not get entrapped in Saptapatal and Saptalokas

Individuals who follow Gurukrupayoga in Kaliyug, know how to combat obstacles faced from Saptapatal (Seven lower levels of the Nether region) where one experiences suffering and Saptalok (Seven higher levels of the subtle region) in the least time, which means obstacles faced in spiritual practice at all levels. Hence, such individuals have very little possibility of getting entrapped at those levels in the gross or the subtle dimension.

3. Gurukrupayoga is the
ultimate path to Moksha (Final Liberation)

Individuals who perform spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality by following the path of Gurukrupayoga, live in the Divine kingdom and have achieved perfection in all walks of life. This is because in this period, they get trained on how to overcome distress caused by the worst of demoniacal energies with the help of the Guru’s grace and how to combat obstacles that may come their way in future.

Hence, they get liberated at the level of actual give-and-take account and without rebirth, obtain spiritual momentum to get elevated to higher spiritual planes.


Self-proclaimed Saints today malign the word ‘Guru’

Today, there are many ‘so-called’ Saints who malign the very words ‘Saint’ or ‘Guru’. Here are a few examples.

1. Some anti-Sanatan Dharma people put on the robes of a ‘Shankaracharya’ and cheat Hindus in the name of Dharma. – Swami Avimukteshwaranand, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

2. In the Prayag Kumbha Mela of 2013, a ‘so-called’ ‘Baba’ used to make Bharatiya devotees wait outside his tent and would be busy speaking to the foreigners the entire day. He also gave the status of ‘Mahamandaleshwar’ to some foreign disciples.

Due to such ‘so-called’ Saints only, the status of the ‘Guru’ gets maligned and the faith of people in the Guru (and consequently in Dharma) gets shaken. Saint Tukaram Maharaj has suggested a way to handle ‘so-called’ Gurus – ‘Those who exhibit false detachment but internally enjoy materialistic pleasures should be beaten with shoes’.


Why only Paratpar Gurus
can perform the mission of reinstating Dharma ?

Reinstatement of Dharma means getting rid of the unrighteous rule and installing a sattvik and Dharma-based rule on the strength of the energy of Dharma. Reinstatement of Dharma is a difficult task like lifting the bow of Deity Shiva; because to achieve it, we will have to bring about a Dharmakranti. Dharmakranti means awakening the radiance of Dharma of the sleeping society that has forgotten its self-respect, radiance and bravery, and preparing the society to fight the present unjust rule with dedication.

It is only the Paratpar Gurus who can lift this bow of Deity Shiva of reinstating Dharma with full migth; because such national Gurus only possess the required Brahmatej (Radiance of a Brahman) and Kshatratej (Radiance of a Kshatriya).

Source : Fortnightly Sanatan Prabhat

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