Sanatan’s sattvik Name-strip of Shri Ganapati

If the letters are sattvik, they contain Chaitanya (Divine consciousness). Sanatan makes Name-strips with sattvik letters and a border matching the Deity’s Principle. These Name-strips attract and emit the specific Deity’s Principle in a higher proportion. So far, Sanatan has made more than 80 Name-strips of various Deities including Shri Ganapati.

Sanatan’s sattvik Name-strip of Shri Ganapati


Picture based on subtle-knowledge depicting subtle
characteristics of Sanatan’s sattvik Name-strip of Shri Ganapati

A. Vibrations

Positive vibrations in the picture based on subtle-knowledge are 2% – H.H. Dr. Athavale

B. Proportion of vibrations

Proportion of vibrations experienced in the picture based on subtle-knowledge are given as follows – Divine Principle 2%, Ganeshtattva (Ganesh Principle) 2%, Anand , Nirgun Chaitanya (Non-materialised Divine consciousness) 3.25% and Shakti (Divine Energy) 3.75%

C. Other aspects

1. It is due to the presence of ‘Om’ and ‘Gan’ in the bijmantra (Basic monosyllabic mantra) in the ‘Name-strip of Shri Ganapati’ that the nirguntattva is attracted to the Name-strip in a higher proportion. Similarly, Ganesh tattva (Shri Ganesh Principle) is attracted to the letter ‘Gan’ in a higher proportion.

2. The Aksharbrahma (Brahman in the alphabet) was created from the sound of bijmantra and in due course, language was created. Through the knowledge written by Sages and Seers, man first came to know of the Names of the Principles of Deities and chanting of the Names. Hence, the Name of a Deity contains nirguntattva in a higher proportion than does its form.

3. When the Name of Shri Ganapati was chanted while looking at His Name-strip (made by Sanatan) and with concentration, I heard an echo of the chant after some time.

3. Due to the calligraphy of rounded letters in the Name-strips, the Deity’s Principle is preserved in them.

4. It is due to the background colour of the Name-strip, shape of the letters, the design of durva and hibiscus that Ganeshtattva is attracted in a higher proportion from the universe.’

– Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar, Sanatan Sanstha (Jyeshṭha Krushna 9, Kaliyug Varsh 5113 [25.6.2011])

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Shri Ganapati’

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