How different chants can help avoid unfavourable incidents ?

While we are performing every action in life, God manifests in different forms. Based on this, while performing specific actions, a jiva should chant the Names of specific Deities to obtain maximum benefit from the actions. As mentioned in the ‘Bruhatstotraratnakar’ the Name of the Deity to be chanted is given in the table ahead.


Objective / Action


1. Taking medicine Shri Vishnave Namaha
2. Eating Shri Janardanaya Namaha
3. Sleeping Shri Padmanabhaya Namaha
4. During marriage Shri Prajapataye Namaha
5. Waging a war Shri Chakradharaya Namaha
6. While travelling Shri Trivikramaya Namaha
7. While on death bed Shri Narayanaya Namaha
8. Meeting a beloved one Shri Shridharaya Namaha
9. For overcoming nightmares Shri Govindaya Namaha
10. At times of calamities Shri Madhusudanaya Namaha
11. Moving about in a forest Shri Narsinhaya Namaha
12. When there is a fire Shri Jalshayine Namaha
13. When in water Shri Varahaya Namaha
14. Climbing a mountain Shri Raghunandanaya Namaha
15. While roaming Shri Vamanaya Namaha
16. Performing other actions Shri Madhavaya Namaha


One who regularly chants the above Names of God at the respective times is saved from all difficulties, absolved of sins, and is revered in the Vishnulok.

A. Chanting of God’s Name makes a karma (Action) an
akarma-karma (Non-action) and we can follow the achars in the true sense

When day-to-day karma is performed along with chanting of God’s Name, it becomes an akarma-karma. Since every action becomes an akarma-karma, we do not get good or bad fruits from it.

This makes it possible to follow the achar in the true sense and as we continue to do this, we are able to merge with God.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Daily Conduct and the science underlying its Acts’

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