Subtle experiment

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Look at the above pictures – ‘Photo A’ and ‘Photo B’ and study what your mind feels while looking at them


Answer to the subtle experiment !

Occurrence of various spiritual experiences after looking at the sattvik arrangement of lamps in ‘Photo B’ !

These days many pictures depicting the arrangement of lamps get circulated over social media during the Deepavali festival. There is a marquee difference between these ordinary decorations of lamps and the arrangement of lamps attracting the Divine Principle made in Sanatan’s Ashram. Our mind does get attracted towards an ordinary arrangement of lamps as shown in ‘Photo A’; however, we are unable to look at it for a long duration. Spiritually distressing experiences are felt by looking at arrangements of lamps that are done just for artistry and possessing non-sattvik forms, excessively bright colors, entangled and complex design etc. ‘Photo B’ contains the arrangement of lamps, in the shape of hibiscus flower, made in Sanatan’s Ashram during the consecration of Shri Siddhivinayak. After looking at this arrangement one gets various experiences at spiritual level. Our mind experiences bliss after looking at this arrangement of lamps that attracts the Divine Principle of Deity Shri Ganapati. Therefore, one wants to keep looking at it. Similarly, since seekers have made this arrangement of lamps with spiritual emotion, our spiritual emotion also gets awakened.

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