Yajna has a positive effect on people and the environment : Research findings

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It was proved that Yajna reduces pollution as well as stress in human beings

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Ujjain (MP) – A recent research has revealed that Yajna (Ritual of sacrificial fires) will reduce the level of pollution in the atmosphere as well as cause a reduction in human stress. In this context, a two-day workshop was organised at Gayatri Shakti Peeth and a Dharamshala of Gujarati Mali Samaj. In this workshop, the results of Yajna were examined with the help of modern scientific instruments. The tests revealed that Yajna has a positive effect on people and the environment.

Prakash Murjani from Jabalpur, Madhuri Solanki, a Yajnacharya from Ujjain and Niti Tandon a researcher in Yajnashastra, inspected the Shakti Peetha, a place where Yajna is performed daily, as well as the Dharamshala, which is very crowded and polluted, with the help of modern scientific equipment.


The atmosphere at Shakti Peeth
Yajnashala and Goshala was most positive

Volunteer measuring the Aura with the ‘Aura Scanner’

The first experiment with the Aura Scanner was performed at Shakti Pitha. This device can measure the Aura of any object. Maximum Aura was found at the Yajnasala and Goshala, but at other places the Aura was low. Yajnas are performed daily at the Shakti Peeth giving it a powerful Aura. It was very surprising that in the experiment done at the Goshala also, the Aura Scanner was at the 360 mark. It proved that there is a very positive atmosphere at the Goshala. (The spiritual importance of the cow, the most revered by Hindus, is highlighted by it. In a way, science is endorsing the Hindu belief that there are 33 crore Deities in the cow. – Editor)


Yajna reduces human stress

Yajnas were performed at Dharamshala and Shakti Peeth as part of the research. The stress level of the people present was measured before and after the yajna with the help of a device called ‘Happiness Index Meter’. With the help of this device, the state of peace and stability of mind is measured. The experiment conducted at Dharamshala revealed that 9 out of 10 people had low levels of stress after the Yajna. This proved that Yajna has a positive effect on people’s mental health.


Yajna reduces the pollution

With the help of Air Veda, the levels of pollutants like PM2.5, PM10 and Carbon Dioxide were measured before and after the Yajna. Pollution was very high at the Dharamshala before the Yajna. At both places, the level of these three pollutants was found to be low after the Yajna. This proved that Yajna certainly reduces pollution. Air Veda is a device that can measure the gaseous elements present in the atmosphere.


Yajna lowers the density of the atmosphere

The Dharamshala room where the experiment was performed had a high concentration of pollution before the Yajna. It increased during the Yajna and rapidly decreased within an hour of the Yajna.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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