Importance of spiritual emotion and correct pronunciation when chanting mantras related to the ritual of sacrificial fires


Ideal Current situation
1. Spiritual emotion (%) 30 0
2. Pronunciation (%) 70 30
Overall effect (%) 100 30
– Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale


1. Six essential qualities required
in a student learning recitation of Vedas

माधुर्यमक्षरव्यक्तिःपदच्छेदस्तुसुस्वर: ।
धैर्यंलयसमर्थंच षडेते पाठका गुणा: ॥ – पाणिनीय शिक्षा
  • Softness in voice (don’t recite in hoarse voice).

  • Clear pronunciation (people present at the venue should be able to hear each and every letter uttered).

  • Pause at the correct place (while reciting, the mantras should be broken at predefined places only).

  • Use melodious tone (use correct tone at appropriate places).

  • Courage (without faltering, one should recite with full confidence and in a clear voice).

  • Use of correct pace (the pace and pitch with which one starts reciting the mantra, should be maintained till the end).


2. Incorrect method of reciting Vedas – six faults of the learner

गीती शीघ्री शिर: कम्पी तथा लिखित पाठकः ।
अनर्थज्ञोऽल्पकण्ठश् च षडेते पाठकाधमाः ॥
  • Reciting mantras in form of a song.

  • Reciting mantras in a speedy manner.

  • Moving or nodding the head while reciting the mantras in high or low pitch.

  • Reading out the mantras from the holy text (it is expected that the mantras should be by-heart).

  • One should not make use of the mantras without understanding their meaning.

  • Reciting mantras in a very low voice.

स्थाणुरयं भारहारः किलाभूत, अधीत्यवेदं न विजानातियाऽर्थम् ।
याऽर्थज्ञ इत् सकलं भद्रमश् नुते नाकमेति ज्ञानविधूत पाप्मा ॥

Meaning : One reciting Veda mantras without understanding their meaning is equivalent to a dried tree devoid of any leaves, flowers and fruits. It only bears its own weight and is like a pillar. One who understands their meaning becomes eligible to obtain auspicious things, liberates self from the sins and ascends to the higher regions by the virtue of his knowledge.

Reference : Holy text – Nirukta

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