Sanatan Sanstha challenges Facebook’s unjust ban on its pages in Bombay HC

Mumbai – Sanatan Sanstha has challenged Facebook’s action of unpublishing its pages in Bombay HC. Sanstha said, ‘Facebook’s action is a violation of freedom of expression. Facebook’s action is an attack on the rights of the central government and violates the fundamental rights of Indian citizens without resorting to any legal process.’ Bench of Justice M S Sonak and Justice M S Javalkar heard the petition on 17th June. In September 2020, Facebook had banned 3 pages of Sanatan Sanstha without prior notice. The Sanstha has filed petition against this action.

The petition read, ‘Sanatan Sanstha’s Facebook pages were based on Spirituality, Dharma and Patriotism. The articles and news published on it served as guidance regarding Hindu Dharma and mentioned assaults on it. The pages were in no way commercial. It is unjust to unpublish the pages directly without any prior warning and hence, should be rectified. Facebook can only ban the pages after receiving such directives by either the Centre or the Courts. The central government has also failed to protect its fundamental rights following Facebook’s action. It is Government’s responsibility to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens.’

Facebook has shown its willingness to argue the petition. The hearing is adjourned till 8th July.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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