How to perform Mahalaya shraddha in Pitrupaksha during the Coronavirus pandemic ?

‘Bhadrapad Krushna Paksha is Pirtupaksha (The dark fortnight in the Hindu Almanac month of Bhadrapad), when some rituals are performed for the ancestors from Bhadrapad Pratipada to Amavasya. During this period, everyone should perform Mahalaya Shraddha to satisfy all pitars (Departed ancestors) and obtain their blessings.


1. Importance of performing Mahalaya Shraddha in Pitrupaksha

During Pitrupaksha, all the pitars of the ancestry come to their descendants in anticipation of food and water. Since the Pitruloka (Region of departed ancestors) is closest to the Earth, the food, water and Pindadan to the pitars reach them quickly. As a result, they get satisfied and bless the family.

Performing Shraddha removes the obstacles in spiritual practice due to Pitrudosh (Karmik debt of the ancestors) and aids spiritual practice.


2. Steps to take if performing Mahalaya Shraddha
in Pitrupaksha is not possible as prescribed on the background of coronavirus pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are restrictions at some places to perform the Shraddha ritual as per Scriptures. In such a situation, following is what our Scriptures say about performing Shraddha.

2A. Performing ‘Aamshraddha’

Katyayana says, “In adverse times, in the absence of the wife, at a pilgrim place, on the day of Sankranti perform Aamshraddha”. If it is impossible to perform the complete Shraddha ritual due to some reason, ‘Aamshraddha’ can be performed. Place food grains, rice, oil, ghee, sugar, potatoes, coconut, 1 betel nut, 2 betel leaves, etc. in a plate, according to your financial position. Place gandha, akshata, a flower and a Tulsi leaf on it while reciting ‘Amannasthit Shri Mahavishnave Namaha’. Donate it to a priest. If a priest is not available, donate it to a Veda Pathashala (School where Vedas and Sanskrut are taught to children in the traditional Gurukul style), Goshala or a temple.

2B. Performing ‘Hiranya Shraddha’

If ‘Aamshraddha’ too cannot be done, perform ‘Hiranya Shraddha’ with a resolve, meaning, place money according to your financial position in a plate. Place gandha, akshata, a flower and a Tulsi leaf on it while reciting either of the mantras ‘Hiranyasthit Shri Mahavishnave Namaha’ or ‘Dravyasthit Shri Mahavishnave Namaha’. Later donate it to a priest. If a priest is not available, donate it to a Ved Pathashala, Goshala or a temple.

2C. Feeding a cow

Those who cannot perform ‘Aamshraddha’ should feed a cow. Wherever it is not possible to feed a cow, people should contact the nearest Goshala and donate some money to feed the cows.

After performing ‘Aamshraddha’, ‘Hiranya Shraddha’ or feeding a cow, perform til-tarpan (Offering sesame seeds and water). Take water in a glass and put some black sesame seeds in it. Now, tilodak is ready. Later, pronounce the names of the departed ancestors and offer the tilodak through the gap between thumb and index finger of the right hand. To perform til-tarpan.

If you do not know the name of a departed ancestor but you know that ancestor, remember him and perform til-tarpan. Normally, a priest recites mantras while performing these rituals and we act accordingly.

If a priest is available, perform rituals in his presence. If not, perform rituals mentioned in this article with bhav (Spiritual emotion).

If it is not possible to perform any of the above mentioned rituals, at least perform til-tarpan.

2D. What to do if nothing of the above is possible?

Those who cannot do any of the above, they can donate to a spiritual organization.


3. Prayer to be made while performing the Shraddha ritual

Pray unto the Holy feet of Shri Datta Guru – ‘I have performed ‘Aamshraddha’ / ‘Hiranya Shraddha’ / til-tarpan (Mention the ritual you have performed) as per the Scriptures in the current situation. May the pitars receive food and water through this ritual. May the pitars be satisfied with these offerings. May their grace be upon us. May we receive blessings of the pitars for our spiritual progress. May the pitars obtain further momentum due to Your grace’.

If the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic changes and things return to normal, perform complete Shraddha rituals (along with pindadaan) in the usual manner.

– Shri. Damodar Vaze (Chief Guide, Sanatan Sadhak-Purohit Pathashala, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.)

During Pitrupaksha since the Pitruloka is closest to the Earth,
the food, water and Pindadan offered to the pitars reach them quickly !

8 thoughts on “How to perform Mahalaya shraddha in Pitrupaksha during the Coronavirus pandemic ?”

  1. Kindly guide me what are the other alternative options we can do, as I was not able to do first annual shraddha of my grandfather due to the Covid pandemic lockdown. Since my maternal grandfather didn’t have a male child, I had done final rites for him. He expired on krishna Paksha ashtami of vaisakh month last year..

    Pls note : My Father alive.

    Pls guide me. Pls help

    • Namaskar,

      Your father can do Annual Shraddha for your grandfather now (if the circumstances are favourable in your area to do vidhis, that is in accordance with the government protocol in your area to curb the pandemic). Please ask local priests regarding when can you perform the vidhis.

  2. Dear sir,

    Due to covid-19, it will be difficult to invite brahmin for doing the shraddha Pooja on Sarvapitri Amavasya i.e on last day. What should I do, please suggest.

    Waiting for your reply.

  3. Dear sir,
    My father departed 2012 and my only son departed 2021.
    My husband does not believe in any rituals and has never done any prayers. It is me as his wife will do the rituals by donating vegetables to the temple during Ammavasai and memorial prayers. As a daughter to my father and mother to my son, I will do. My husband does not even do for his parents and I take the responsibility for everything for everyone.

    For this Mahalaya Paksha, what shall I do for my ancestors and departed souls to be happy?

    • Namaste Asotha ji

      The following options have been prescribed by the Shaastras (scriptures) in case you are unable to perform Shraddha. Please note they are listed in decreasing order of effectiveness.

      1. Amanna daan (which is listed as Aamshraddha in the article)
      2. Donating money to temples
      3. Offering fodder to cows
      4. A complete fast on Sarvapitri Amavasya
      5. If none of these are possible – face the southern direction, raise your arms, tell your departed relatives that you are helpless and cannot perform Shraddha and seek their forgiveness.

      Apart from this, Spiritual science says that chanting Shri Gurudev Datta every day will help you as well as your departed relatives. ( For the chant visit – )

      Warm regards,
      Sanatan Sanstha

  4. Hello Sir,
    I have a doubt regarding performing Mahalaya Pitru paksha tarpan.
    On my wife’s side, they don’t have any brothers ( as in, my in-laws do not have any sons) and my father-in-law passed away. My mother-in-law is still alive.
    I have been doing his tarpan over the years, but recently someone said that I should not perform this ritual as my own parents are still alive.
    Now I am in double mind whether I should do it or not.

    Looking for some guidance.

    • Namaste Sridhar ji,

      Those whose father is still alive should not perform the tarpan vidhi.

      Warm regards,
      Sanatan Sanstha


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