All seekers should carry their Rakshayantra with themselves everyday !

Currently as the adversities are very severe, there are high chances of physical and subtle attacks by negative energies on the seekers. Hence, all the seekers should bear the Rakshayantra with themselves daily. The details in regards to this are given below.

1. On a plain paper get a copy of above rakshayantra. At the center of it, write your own name at the place where ‘naam’ is written.

2. This rakshayantra should be placed in a small cylindrical metal holder (taaeet) such that it continuously touches your body. This small cylindrical metal holder with rakshyantra in it, should be woven in a black or red thread and tied around the neck or on the arm.

3. This rakshayantra should be purified daily with the dhoop (smoke) of the sattvik sanatan incense stick.

4. The menstruating female seekers should not bear this rakshayantra with themselves. They should wear it again after the end of the menstruation only after purifying it with the sattvik sanatan incense stick.

– (Paratpar Guru) Pande Maharaj, Sanatan Ashram, Panvel. (30.08.2018)

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