10 Home remedies to remove the colours sprayed on the body on the occasion of  Holi

It is very difficult to remove the colour applied to the skin after playing Holi. After removing it the skin becomes rough and dry. Also the abraded skin burns. To prevent damage to the skin in these circumstances, some simple remedies to remove these colours are given here.

1. Prepare a paste by adding lime juice to gram flour or wheat flour. Apply it to the skin and gradually remove the colours. Coconut oil or curd also can be added to the flour and used to cleanse the skin.

2. Make a paste with raw papaya and milk. Add Fullers earth (multani mitti) and almond oil to it. Apply this face pack and wash after half an hour.

3. Remove colour in your hair by shaking it. The dry colour will go. Then wash with plain water.

4. The scalp can also be washed with gram flour, curd or amla powder. Soak amla powder in water overnight, rub onto the hair well and wash. Then add a tablespoon of vinegar to a mug of water and wash hair again.

5. Make a paste by adding lime and milk to gram flour and apply to the skin, let it remain for 20 minutes. Then wash face and hands with water.

6. Soak masoor dal overnight. In the morning grind to a fine paste and mix with milk. Apply to the skin for some time, then wash with lukewarm water.

7. Extract juice of cucumber. Add rosewater and a teaspoon of vinegar to it. Apply to the face. After some time, wash with water.

8. Mash banana. Add lime juice to it. Apply this pack to the skin for some time. When it dries splash water on the skin and wash off.

9. Extract juice of radish. Add milk and gram flour or maida and prepare a paste and apply to the face.

10. Make a smooth paste by mixing wheat flour and almond oil. Apply to the skin and remove the colour.’

(Reference : ‘Adhyatma Amrut, March 2017)

Note – Follow the above instructions only after consulting your vaidya /physician.

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