Different techniques of drawing mehendi designs on the hands and feet


1. Drawing mehendi with the hand

‘Instead of using a stick, cone or other objects drawing mehendi with the tip of the index finger gives more Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) both to the artist and the one on whom it is being drawn. Even the one watching this procedure receives Divine Consciousness from it. As the artist drawing the mehendi is happier while drawing it with finger, than doing it with a stick or cone those subtle frequencies of bliss make the artist, the one on whom it is being drawn and the one watching it, feel light and positive. If the artist is a seeker then with her touch the God Principle gets activated in the components of the mehendi paste and the one on whom the mehendi is being applied benefits from it.

However, if the artist has a personality defects and a high ego or negative energy distress, then it is better that she draws the mehendi with a stick.’


2. Drawing mehendi with a stick (correct technique)

Using  a paste of mehendi  to draw designs on a hand with a stick is sattvik as a stick is associated with the Absolute Earth (Pruthvi) and Absolute Water (Ap) Principles. Sticks of sattvik plants such as  Holy basil (tulsi) and trees such as mango endow Divine Consciousness.

When the mehendi paste is touched by a stick sattvikta, Divine Consciousness and bliss get generated within it.


3. Drawing mehendi designs with a cone (wrong technique)

A cone is made from plastic which is a synthetic material, hence it lacks Divine Consciousness which exists in natural substances.


4. Drawing mehendi designs with a needle (extremely wrong technique)

Sometimes a needle is used to draw mehendi. As a needle has a pointed tip it creates the Raja component. The Raja frequencies then enter both the artist and the recipient and may cause distress. Subtle sorcerers (mantriks) use needles to perform black magic on an embodied soul. Hence if you start drawing designs with a needle then through that medium a subtle sorcerer is able to harass an embodied soul easily without wasting his energy.

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