What should be the colour of the mehendi dye after it is applied ?

1.Makeup : Embellishing the hands and feet with mehendi, is a part of the dressing and makeup of women.

2. Following traditions of Dharma : All over Bharat as per old, prevailing traditions of Dharma on auspicious occasions mehendi designs are drawn on the hands and feet of women.

3. Medicinal properties of mehendi

A. As mehendi is cooling, it reduces heat in hands and feet. In summer application a paste of mehendi on the hands, feet and scalp is useful.

B. Mehendi helps in treatment of some skin diseases.

C. Application of specific kind of mehendi to the hair improves its texture and dyes it.


1. Benefits of drawing mehendi designs on the body

A. Physical level – enhancement of beauty

Beauty of a woman is enhanced by application of mehendi.

B. Mental level – enthusiasm grows

Mehendi designs drawn on the hands and feet of a woman cause emission of vibrations from it which make her enthusiastic.

C. Spiritual level

C 1. Destroyer energy emitted from the fragrance of mehendi protects the body

Mehendi paste prepared from natural mehendi leaves if applied to the hands and feet emits destroyer energy into the environment. Its fragrance protects the body from negative energy attacks.

C 2. Sattvik mehendi designs attract frequencies of different Deities from the universe

Sattvik mehendi designs attract Principles of different Deities from the universe into the body. In the Hindu Dharma festivals are associated with one Deity or the other. On the day of the festival of a Deity its Principle in the atmosphere is more than on other days e.g. more Ganesh Principle is present on Shri Ganesh Chaturthi, more Lakshmi Principle on the day of Lakshmipujan during the Diwali season etc. On those days if designs of mehendi attracting the frequencies of that particular Deity are drawn on the hands and feet then absorption of the Principle of that Deity into the design is greater which in turn is acquired by the body.’ (Mehendi designs attracting Principle of a Deity are drawn on the feet to ‘increase sattvikta of the body’. – Compiler)

– (Knowledge received through Miss Priyanka Lotlikar, Shravan Shukla paksha 9, Kaliyug Varsha 5114 [27.7.2012])

Negative energies can get attracted into the body by drawing non-sattvik mehendi designs and using non-sattvik mehendi paste. This explains why both the mehendi paste and the design has to be sattvik.


2. What should be colour of the mehendi dye after its application ?

It is a belief that more the mehendi dye develops better it is. But from the spiritual viewpoint the mehendi should be one which has developed naturally and has to be reddish. Blackish colour attracts distressing Tama vibrations from the atmosphere into the mehendi design and saturates the body with it.  As a result, it may affect the woman adversely. When the colour of the mehendi dye becomes reddish it attracts and saturates the Principle of Divine Energy (Devi) from the atmosphere into the body of the woman. Depending on the developed colour of the mehendi and the design, matching Principles get attracted to the design.’


3. How deep the colour of the mehendi dye
should be depends upon the complexion of the woman

A woman should choose the darkness of the mehendi dye to suit her complexion. The contrast between the complexion and colour of the mehendi dye should not be too much. A fair woman should allow it to become reddish, a wheat complexioned one should make it darker and a dark woman even more darker.

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