Restrictions imposed on devotees in the temple of Shri Saptashrungidevi in Vani (Nasik District), to maintain the sanctity of the sanctum sanctorum

Praiseworthy decision of the temple trust

Vani (Nasik District) –The Holy temple of Saptashrungidevi is situated on the Saptashrung mountain in Vani. It is one out of the three and half seats of Divine Energy (Shakti)  and the family deity (kuladevata) of several. To maintain the purity of the sanctum sanctorum of this temple some praiseworthy restrictions on devotees have been imposed by the temple trust. Now devotees will not be able to enter the sanctum sanctorum directly to take darshan. They can get a vision of the Devi from outside. Devotees who come for aarti and ritualistic worship (puja) will have to seek permission to enter the sanctum sanctorum for a specific time. To enter the sanctum sanctorum men will have to a dhoti with upper garment and women saris. Till date devotees could take darshan by placing the head on the feet of the Deity.The entry pass which used to be issued online or from the office has now been stopped. So from now on entry of VIP’s into the sanctum sanctorum will also be stopped. This will benefit the common devotee. This rule will come into effect from 1.1.2020 and this decision has been welcomed at all levels.

1. Mr. Pravin Dikshit, priest, Shri Saptashrungidevi temple – The decision taken by the Shri Saptashrungidevi temple trust is appropriate as it will maintain sanctity of the temple and make darshan easier for devotees.

2. Mahant Shri Shri Mandalacharya Jyotishvachaspati Peethadishwar Swami Aniketshastri Deshpande Maharaj – This decision taken by the Saptashrungi Temple Trust will make the young generation aware of following Dharma and values and it will practise it. The entire Saint community supports them in this endeavour.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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