Bharatiya diet can prevent hereditary diseases – Inference from research

Millions of years ago Sages have devised diets necessary to keep the physical body healthy and modern sciences are explaining its benefits today ! The truth is that Bharatiyas who ape the West do not realise the significance of their culture till the modern sciences reveal it.

New Delhi – Research done at Germany’s Lubeck University has proved that Bharatiya diet can prevent hereditary diseases. It is not only the DNA but also diet which influences disease. That diet both causes and prevents disease is clear from the research given further.

1. Under the leadership of Professor of the University, Ralph Ludwig, three scientists -Dr. Artem Verovayev of Russia, Dr. Tanya Shejin of Israel and Dr. Yaska Gupta of Bharat performed this research. That report has been published in the periodical ‘Nature’.

2. After researching on mice for two years we realised that high calorie diet from the West increases hereditary diseases while the low calorie diet from the sub-continent of Bharat prevents them.

3. Mice were divided into two categories – one was served western diet and the other Bharatiya diet. The mouse from the category fed with Western foods developed a disease called ‘Lupus’ and its condition became critical while the mouse from the other category was not afflicted with the disease.


Fast foods increase the incidence of hereditary diseases

Dr. Yaska Gupta said that pizza, burger and other such fast foods from the West facilitate the process of causing hereditary diseases while vegetarian Bharatiya foods such as rice gruel (kanji), soyabean oil, rice and lentil (dal), vegetables and turmeric are capable of preventing such diseases.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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