Famous mathematician from Kerala who determined the value of pi from Geometry !

‘Bharat has a great tradition of Sages. The Vedas, Upanishads, Purans and other Holy trexts written by Sages impart all kinds of knowledge including code of conduct, worship, spiritual practice, defense etc. Sages have received this knowledge due to their rigorous austerities. After attaining Absoluteness in spiritual practice, they received knowledge from God. Due to this invaluable knowledge preserved by them in writing man needs to feel gratitude unto them.

Famous mathemathician Madhavam

The ashrams of Sages from ancient Bharat were in fact universities. Once upon a time 10000 students were residents in the ashrams of Sages Bharadwaj and Durvas for the purpose of education. In the Dwaparyug the ashram of Sage Sandipani was a major seat of education. After the Mahabharat war the universities of Takshashila, Vikramshila, Nalanda etc came into existence in Bharat. Sages not only received knowledge but also performed the mission of imparting it to others. In those days as the material for writing was scarce it was passed on by the Sage to his disciples by word of mouth. This is how it spread and was preserved. These Holy texts written lakhs of years ago still exist to some extent because of the eternal knowledge and Divine Consciousness in them. We visited Trichur to study the mission of a famous mathematician from Kerala, Madhavam.


1. The famous mathematician Madhavam
from Kerala a resident of Sangamgram village in the year 1350

There is a village called Sangamgram in the Trichur District of Kerala now known as Irannalakkuda. In the year 1350 a famous mathematician called Madhavam was born there. Some members of the research team of the Maharashi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay visited this village where Madhavam resided. His descendant Mr. Rajkumar Nanvasari gave information on Madhavam and the Shrikrushna temple there.


2. A great contribution by Madhavam in the history of
geometry, mathematics determining the value of pi upto 16 decimal digits.

Madhavam is considered as the founder of astronomy and ancient mathematics departments of Kerala University. Madhavam has given the value of pi in geometry (the sthirank or avyay rashi {mathematical constant} when measuring the circumference as ‘circumference = diameter x pi’) till 16 decimal digits. Thus he has made a major contribution to mathematics. Madhav was the priest of the Shrikrushna temple in Irannalakkuda. He would lie down on the stone slabs and study the skies. Based on analysis of stars he presented several important mathematical principles. Both these stones are called the ‘Krushnashila’.

(1) and (2) are the two stones on which Madhavam would lie down and look into the skies.


3. Due to total neglect by Bharatiyas of the research
done by Madhavam it became possible for proselytisers of
the ‘Jesuit Missionaries’ to steal this priceless mathematics to the west

Madhavam has inscribed some of his research in Devnagri and old Malyalam script on the stones in the temple. However, this is still awaiting research. Despite his being a famous mathematician Bharat has failed not only to do research on him but even to preserve his invaluable mathematical matter. There were 8 Holy texts also with his research work done by lying down on the stones in which Madhavam has written invaluable matter. However these were stolen by ‘Jesuit Missionaries’ and taken abroad. This is how our invaluable mathematics was sent abroad. Now Kerala mathematics is taught there. Madhavam had also written the mathematical theories given by Newton and Galileo 300 years before them. These theories are taught in Kerala School of Mathematics but nothing about the Shrikrushna temple where he did the research is mentioned.

In this way precious glories greater than gold were destroyed from Bharat.’

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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