Days and greeting each other

Days such as Mother’s day, Father’s day, Parents’ day etc are being celebrated in Bharat too through social media justifying that it is a means of expressing love and respect for parents. Mother and Father are English words. Father’s Day was celebrated on June 16, 2019. Christian priests and nuns are called Fathers and Mothers. No other reference of these nouns are known. Christians calling their parents Father and Mother is a part of their culture. Hindus too copied this and sent messages of ‘Happy Father’s Day’ on the social media. In Marathi it was being circulated as ‘Anand Vadil Diwas’ which actually is meaningless, yet it was being glorified. Are days necessary to express gratitude unto parents, as in the West ? What will anyone gain by expressing gratitude on one day? How many of you bow and express obeisance to parents everyday ? Ignoring things related to this land, an attempt is being made to propagate all other things ! We observe that there is a struggle going on to follow them. We are proud of being so enslaved to their thought process. Such things are done only at the emotional level. If you do not participate in celebration of such days then you are considered outdated. Those following the Bharatiya culture are considered old-fashioned, principled, condescending etc.

We need to wholeheartedly respect the Hindu Dharma, language and culture. Hence no matter how much pressure is brought to celebrate these days even in a community your dedication unto Dharma will provides you with the strength to remain steady even in such situations and to speak the truth with respect to Dharma. You should start opposing these points ignoring thoughts such as how to comment on wrong points, what will others think about me etc. humbly. God certainly provides you that opportunity. This helps in delivering the truth to the public. Also in the process our study occurs. Otherwise in future the public embarrassment of celebrating these days will continue.

Mr. Jayesh Rane, Bhandup, Mumbai

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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