With ‘donation to the deserving’ on the day of ‘Akshayya trutiya’ be assured to receive the merit of the donation

A humble appeal to all readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus


Akshayya Trutiya one out of the three and half auspicious moments in the Hindu Dharma, is on 26.4.2020. Every moment of this day is auspicious. The donation offered and havan (fire sacrifice) performed on this day never goes in vain, it always yields fruit. That is precisely why on this day many offer huge donations.


1. Importance of ‘donation to the deserving’

Hindu Dharma teaches that ‘Donating to the deserving is the greatest duty of every human being’. Donation to the deserving means to the Absolute Truth (sat). This increases merits of man and also endows spiritual benefits. Donation to the deserving on this day can be done as follows –


2. Types of donations

2 A. Donation of wealth

The present period is one of deterioration of Dharma. Hindu society has become unrighteous due to lack of appropriate Dharmashikshan (religious education). This has destroyed the pride that Hindus need to feel for Dharma. So in such a pitiable scenario the mission of its reinstatement has to be done and is the need of the hour. Hence to enable them to carry out this mission of reinstatement of Dharma donation to Saints and organisations protecting the nation and Dharma is the greatest form of donation.

2 B. Sharing knowledge

Sanatan Sanstha has a treasure of varied Holy texts, rather an unending store of knowledge. These texts give readers precious knowledge in lucid language and also enhance their faith. This treasure of Holy texts imparting eternal knowledge on Dharma is indeed the best way of sharing knowledge. Hence on the day of Akshayya Trutiya by offering knowledge through such Holy texts receive both, merits and spiritual benefits. To propagate Spirituality through Holy texts these can be gifted to relatives and well-wishers, school, college and public libraries. Those interested in giving such donations may provide us their details.

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The facility of offering donations is available on https://www.sanatan.org/en/donate

– Mr. Virendra Marathe, Managing Trustee, Sanatan Sanstha.
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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