Do not ignore steps to be taken in case of Corona infection, take timely medication to save your life through wilful actions

Covid has been plaguing India since March 2020.
There are 2 major causes for the spread of Corona.

Dr. Pandurang Marathe

1. Social distancing, wearing masks, not participating in functions, etc., are often advised in the media, but people fall woefully short in following these measures and many are negligent.

2. Despite awareness created about taking medication, patients deliberately conceal their symptoms which they notice in themselves. They do not take medication on time. As a result, patients lose their lives due to the spread of the infection. Seekers should avoid these mistakes and take immediate medication if they experience any symptom such as cold, cough, sore throat, bodyache, fever, loss of smell, diarrhoea, etc.

3. Give preference to taking medication from a doctor who has successfully treated coronavirus : If an Allopathic doctor, Ayurvedic Vaidya or Homoeopathic doctor who has successfully treated coronavirus is available in your area, it is preferable to take medication from him. If this is not known, start treatment by going to the nearest doctor. Necessary tests as prescribed by the doctor should be conducted. No symptoms should be hidden from the doctor and he should be given a review of your health from time to time as advised by him. If the severity of the disease continues to increase despite treatment, see another doctor if necessary and take his opinion. The decision about hospitalization should be taken accordingly. We should not go by our own opinion about treatment upon reading books or posts on social media.

4. Remain alert and take care : Nearly 85% of patients with coronavirus infection recover due to their immune system, while only 15% of patients advance to the next stage, according to general observations. Even so, who is in the 15% ? No one can predict. Therefore, treatment should be started as soon as possible without ignoring this disease. A person who has coronavirus infection has a much higher recovery rate; hence, do not be afraid of this disease, be alert and careful.

Although birth and death are predestined, steps should be taken keeping in mind that it is our spiritual practice to use proper wilful action at the right time for the protection of life !

– Dr. Pandurang Marathe, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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