Sanatan Sanstha’s founder Sachchidanand Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale’s 81st Janmotsav (birth anniversary celebration)!

Sanatan Sanstha’s founder Sachchidanand Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Balaji Athavale’s 81st birth anniversary was celebrated as ‘Brahmotsav’ as directed by Saptarshis through the Nadi Patikas. In the presence of 10,000+ seekers from the states of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, the celebration took place in a highly devotional atmosphere.

The most important day in Dhanurmas

The five Thursdays and Fridays of the Hindu calendar month of Dhanurmas (which overlaps with approximately the second half of December and about the first half of January in the Gregorian calendar) are extremely important.

Ramraksha Stotra

Listen to audio of Ramraksha Stotra along with the hymns.

Akshay Trutiya 2023

Akshay Trutiya was the day when Satyayuga ended and Tretayuga began. Let’s learn the importance of Akshay Trutiya, its method of celebration, significance of Til-tarpan and Udak-kumbh and much more.

Holi / Holika Dahan 2023

Holi is a festival that guides us on the path of embracing sattvik nature by elimination of evil character and bad thoughts in ones mind. The aim is to purify the environment by offering oblation in form of dry wood to the fire.