The types of Disciple

The superior disciple is a seeker who inspite of being trapped in unhappiness in the state of the embodied soul is convinced that “I am not the embodied soul but am really The Supreme God (Shiv)” through the study of the scriptures.

Types of Guru

An ideal Guru is the one, who if the need arises, even forces the disciple to act in a particular manner, if he is inattentive or misbehaving.

Who receives a Guru mantra ?

Gurumantra does not contain mere letters, but has spiritual knowledge, Chaitanya and Guru’s blessings. Hence, spiritual progress is faster.

Sadguru and Paratpar Guru

Today ‘Guru, Sadguru and Paratpar Guru’ are used as synonyms; however, there is a marked difference between them in the spiritual context. Let us see how.