By performing yadnya the area around it is protected from pollution –  Space scientist  Dr. Om Prakash Pandey    

On February 22, 2019 when addressing the national conference on ‘Environmental Protection and Bharatiya tradition of learning’ space scientist and scientific advisor to former Prime Minister of Bharat, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dr. Om Prakash Pandey put forth his thoughts. He not only presented problems but also solutions for them. Some of these points are given further.


1.  Performing fire sacrifices viz. havan and yag can keep illness away

‘Global warming is a period of calamity restricted not only to Bharat but for the whole world.’ Every year both in Bharat and abroad discussions are held with a view to curb it. The ozone layer protecting the earth is interrupted in several places because of which radiation continues. As a result there is multiplication of viruses such as ‘Zika’, ‘Ebola, ‘Nipah’, ‘Swine flu’, ‘Dengue’, Chikunguniya etc. which bring about epidemics. WHO takes about a decade to find treatment for these diseases. By then the virus has already taken a toll of thousands. This is the present scenario. The WHO has no remedy for this. This solution is incorporated only in Bharatiya culture and the tradition of Sages. By performing yadnyas (fire sacrifices) we can keep illness at bay is what a laboratory from Bengaluru has proven. By performing a yadnya for a day for upto a month an area of 100 yards around it protected from pollution. Wood from the mango tree is used in an yadnya. The gas ethylene oxide is expelled by it along with copile. Due to chemical reactions of the gases the external environment gets purified. So this ritual will not cause distress of any kind.


2.  Burning a lamp with ghee from
cow’s milk rectifies the interruptions in the ozone layer

O3 gas released from burning a lamp with ghee from cow’s milk repairs the interruptions in the ozone layer of the atmosphere protecting from all kinds of dangerous viruses. Housewives perform this rite devotedly with spiritual emotion but they are unaware of what a great role they are playing in protecting the environment. This is great scientific research.


3.  Effects of planting trees

Banyan (vad) : In the ancient times Sages would impart spiritual knowledge to disciples beneath a banyan tree. Magnesium and phosphorus are emitted by the tree downwards. These chemicals help in improving memory making it sharp.

Holy fig tree (pimpal) : Placing leaves of this tree on your palm rub them to extract juice and drink it. You will never suffer from ailments related to kapha (phlegm).

Bengal quince (bel) : Marlo molasses obtained from this tree improve digestion.

Ashoka (saraca asoca) : This tree reduces mental stress.

Neem : Prevents skin diseases, fever and other illnesses.


One of the methods of imparting knowledge – Professor Neeraj Sharma

Professor Neeraj Sharma also put forth his views at this conference. He said that that which frees from any kind of circumstance and worry is ‘knowledge’. There is certainly a difference between ‘knowledge and education’. Education is one of the ways of imparting knowledge. Knowledge is a consequence of education. No matter how much information and suggestions you acquire you do not acquire knowledge. That which proves our existence is knowledge. This supernatural power (siddhi) is incorporated into our conduct and duties. We will be able to improve the environment only if our conduct is righteous. Our ancestors has blessed us with this arrangement.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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