Importance and spiritual science of performing Aukshan

Hindu Dharma prescribes an important ritual of waving a lit lamp in front of a Deity. But it is a fact that conducting aukshan in front of an individual also provides spiritual benefits. This article speaks in detail about the ritual of aukshan (A ritual of waving lit lamps in front of a Saint or an individual) and how to derive maximum benefits from it.



1. Spiritual meaning of aukshan

Aukshan denotes welcoming the moment of arrival of the Divine waves on earth from the Universe that are activated by the flame of the lamp and by identifying that moment, surrendering unto those waves at that very instant.


2. Importance of aukshan

A. Development of a protective sheath

While performing Aukshan, a moving protective sheath of waves that are emitted and imbibed with the help of the lit lamp is formed around the body of the individual.

B. Helps in obtaining blessings of the Deity

Due to the bhav (Spiritual emotion) unto the Deity thus awakened, blessings of the Deities become functional through the active Divine waves. When performing the ritual, a prayer made by the individual for its spiritual progress with an attitude of complete surrender helps it in getting the expected results and availing in true sense the objective of performing the karma (act) of aukshan, which in other words, is getting the blessings of the Deities through the medium of aukshan. – A Scholar (Through the medium of Mrs Anjali Gadgil, 27.1.2005)


3. On who is aukshan performed?

A small child, a virtuous individual, an invitee, a soldier leaving for the battlefield, a king and a Saint. Below are reasons underlying the various methods of aukshan and the effect on an individual.


Reasons of performing aukshan for different types of individuals

Aukshan for whom?


Effect on the individual

1. Holy tree Due to aukshan, the divinity in the tree and the
Divine energies dwelling on the tree are awakened
that emit Chaitanya (divine) waves which are beneficial for the individual
Chaitanya waves emitted from the
tree purify the five vital energies of an
individual, restrict the movement of the
negative energies in the atmosphere
and thereby purify the environment
2. Child during its
naming ceremony
After praying to the Kuladevata, subtle energy of the
respective Deity in the form of blessings from the
Universe (imbibed from the flame of the lamp
used for aukshan) is made available to the child and
a prayer is offered for its bright future
Aukshan purifies the body of the child
and helps create an impression of
sattvikta in its mind
3. Brother on bhaiduj (A
festival when a sister performs
aukshan of her
brother and brother in
turn gives her a gift)
Visualising the brother in the form of Shrikrushna and
entrusting him with the responsibility of protecting herself activates the Manahshakti of the brother, and the
waves emitting from his body form a protective
sheath around her
Aukshan helps accrual of the warrior
attitude in the individual and as a result
predominance of Raja particles in the
Vital energy sheath increases
4. Bride and groom Making an appeal to the subtle waves generated
from the union of Shiv-Shakti as a result of the
marriage ritual, activates the subtle-covering around
the individuals and can help avail the benefit of the waves
of Chaitanya emitting from the bodies of the individuals
The dormant Shiv and Shakti
Principles in the individuals get activated
5. Husband on the day of
Guḍhipaḍwa (Hindu
New Year)
To look upon the husband as Shiv form so that with this
bhav perform the aukshan thus activating his
motor-organs, and considering him as a Guru, pray
for help in taking every task to completion in Shiv
As the Atmashakti gets activated, the
gross and subtle bodies get purified
6. Victorious soldier After calming the heat energy generated in the body
due to a warrior attitude, conversion of the motion
oriented, Raja-predominant waves generated around
the individual into Tarak waves takes place
As a result of aukshan, the movement
of Raja particles in the vital body
decreases and predominance of
Sattva particles increases, which
imparts stability to the individual
7. God/Saint/Guru Due to the energy of bhav in the individual at the time of
performing aukshan, the divinity in the Saint/Guru is
activated, which imparts Chaitanya to the individual; the
motor-organs of Deities also get activated and the
individual receives their grace
The individual performing aukshan of
Deities/Saints/Guru obtains benefit
from it; besides, as per the need, God
with the help of Tarak and Marak
waves performs His mission through
the medium of God/Saints/Guru


4. Where is aukshan performed?

Generally, the individual is made to sit in front of the Deity at home while performing aukshan. During specific occasions (For example, a thread ceremony, marriage), it is performed at the venue of the ceremony.


A. Why is aukshan performed inside the house
and not while standing at the threshold of the door?

The threshold of the door is a good medium of imbibing distressing waves emanating from the Patal (Hell region) and dissipating them back into Patal. These distressing waves congregate in the door-frame. When standing at the door, the individual is distressed due to the area which is laden with Raja-Tama. predominant waves. These waves create a sheath around the individual. This in turn, affects the mental sheath of the individual and increases the dominance of the Raja-Tama components in it, thereby increasing the irritation of the individual. Hence, aukshan performed at the threshold of the door is not acceptable in Hindu Dharma. Instead of the threshold of the door, aukshan should be performed on the inner side of the door, meaning inside the house, and if possible next to the temple at home. Draw a Swastik (An auspicious mark) symbol on the ground with rangoli (White crushed powder used for making designs on the floor), place a wooden seat over it for the individual to sit and then perform aukshan. When this is combined with bhav of the individual, it activates the Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) of the Deity in the environment, helps the individual in obtaining the expected benefit and getting the Deity’s blessings in the form of strength required for the mission ahead. – A Scholar (Through the medium of Mrs Anjali Gadgil, 25.1.2005)


Harmful effects of performing aukshan at the entrance

Click on the below Subtle Drawing / Picture for a larger view !

Harmful effects of performing auction at the entrance.

(For an individual affected by negative energies, drushta (A ritual for casting off the evil-eye) is performed by waving a coconut over the individual. This ritual is performed at the threshold of the door, and the waved coconut is broken just outside the threshold. This is because the threshold is a seat for the transmission of negative energies to the Patal. – Compiler)

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Spiritual science underlying familial religious and social acts’

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