Sanatan Sanstha lodges a Police complaint against Wajid Saeed for threatening to kill Hindus

Ponda (Goa) – Sanatan Sanstha has filed a complaint with Ponda Police Station and Cyber Police Station at Raibandar (Goa) against Wajid Saeed, who threatened through an E-mail to kill seekers. In the complaint, Sanatan’s Spokesperson has said the following :

In light of the conspiracy recently to kill former BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma and the beheading of Kanhaiyalal in Rajasthan, this threat needs to be taken seriously.
A conspiracy can be hatched to target the Sanatan Ashram and the seekers residing there. The people behind this conspiracy should be exposed and legal action be taken against them. SIMI, a banned terrorist organisation, used E-mails to create terror in people. It is necessary to take action against Wajid Saeed for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus too.

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