Demand for ban on Sanatan Sanstha is unfortunate! – BJP MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha

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Why isn’t Raza Academy banned ?- thunders BJP MLA Mangalprabhat Lodha

MLA Lodha also said ‘He who speaks about Hindus’ wellbeing, will rule the Nation’

BJP MLA Mangalprabhat Lodha

We are grateful to MLA Mangalprabhat Lodha for his befitting reply to whose who time and again insist that Sanatan be banned.
– Mr Chetan Rajhans, spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha.

Mumbai, 24th December – On 23rd December, some members of the house demanded a ban on Sanatan Sanstha during the Assembly session. It is very unfortunate that those who wrote a letter to the President seeking pardon for convicted terrorists are now demanding a ban on Sanatan Sanstha. Raza Academy was responsible for riots across Maharashtra, yet no one demanded a ban on Raza Academy. BJP MLA Mangalprabhat Lodha questioned why Raza Academy has not be banned first. He was speaking at the time of discussion on the supplementary demands of 2021 -2022. Mr Mangalprabhat Lodha strongly opposed the demand made to ban Sanatan Sanstha. In his address to the house, he said He who speaks about Hindus’ wellbeing, will rule the Nation which was welcomed by loud cheers.

1. Do those demanding a ban on Sanatan Sanstha remember that, when some incident happens in Bengal (Tripura) no reaction is seen anywhere in the country but demonstrations are held in Maharashtra at various places. Those who hold such demonstrations belong to Raza Academy and other jihadi organisations.

2. Raza Academy and other jihadi organisations should be banned first.

3. When we Google search for ‘Sanatan Sanstha’, first picture that appears is of ‘Arti’; but if we search for Raza Academy, the picture that appears is of ‘Someone kicking the martyr’s memorial’. (At that time members in the Assembly Hall shouted, ‘shame, shame’.) Who protects the members of Raza academy ? Raza Academy is not banned; but demand for a ban on Sanatan Sanstha is made.

4. I am ashamed that 257 innocent people were killed in the bomb blast of 1993. Then, the Supreme Court passed a judgement to hang all the culprits. Instead of rejoicing, some individuals sent a letter to the President asking to pardon the bomb blast accused and Dawood’s ruffians. There were 12 individuals who had signed the letter. These 12 individuals are sitting in the Assembly as members today. Expel them from the Assembly first and only then speak about Sanatan Sanstha. (Members sitting the Assembly asked for the 12 names; but Mr Lodha told them ‘You all are aware who they are, if not find out who they are.’)

5. I am fully aware of what I am speaking. It is going to be on record. (When some members started speaking loudly Lodha demanded that), ‘The speaker should give me protection’.

6. I will speak loudly and you will have to listen to me. He who speaks about Hindus’ wellbeing, will rule the Nation. I have the responsibility of protecting and honouring the people living in Maharashtra and Mumbai and their culture. This has to be discussed on the floor of the House.

7. During Ganeshotsav and Navaratri there are restrictions on the number of attendees; but on every Friday no restriction is imposed on those offering ‘Namaz’ openly on the road despite orders by the High Court and the Supreme Court in this regard. No one pays any heed to that.

8. If the culture of the Nation survives the Nation will survive and if the Nation survives we will survive. Whatever is happening in Kashmir and Bengal may happen in Maharashtra also in no time. Home Minister should tackle these sensitive issues seriously. Things may appear insignificant, but they are ticking time-bombs.

9. 90% fishing industry in Mumbai was controlled by the koli community. Now that community is on the verge of leaving its profession. 15 types of business have been captured by ‘one community’ (Religious fanatics). The Government should think whether they will be able to protect Mumbai and its culture in future.

10. Land belonging to Temples and Waqf Board has been devoured. 10,000 acres of land of Waqf Board has been devoured. To learn more about it, constitute a committee and inquire about the scams in the past 15 years. Charity Commissioner imposes 50 restrictions on every temple, temple trustees are called 5 times for insignificant things; but is there any control on Waqf board?

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