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1. Introduction

The Bach flower remedy was discovered by Dr. Edward Bach (MBBS), London. With the intent of finding simple and easy medical treatment, he closed his lucrative medical practice and travelled through the forests to conduct the research. Gradually, he learnt various medicinal uses of flowers. He conducted his study for almost 40 years and developed 39 types of medicines. He took into consideration the following principles of nature while studying this therapy.

A. Nature always works towards perfection

B. Nature produces abundantly.

C. The paths of nature are very simple and easy.

D. Nature’s paths are eternal.

If the above principles are true then a thought came to his mind that there definitely must be a therapy made available by the nature which would be harmless and one can treat oneself with it. That therapy is Bach flower therapy. There are 39 medicines in this which have been extracted from wildflowers growing in the jungles. All these medicines are available in natural form and have no side effects. This therapy creates changes in one’s personality and the medicines are prescribed as per one’s personality.


2. Specialities of Bach flowers

2A. Form

1. There are only 39 medicines.

2. All medicines are quite easy to understand.

3. All medicines are available in the form of sweet pills.

Dr. Pravin Mehta


2B. Method of taking medicines

1. There are no diet restrictions associated with these medicines.

2. These medicines have no contra-indications i.e. it is not mentioned anywhere that these medicines should not be given to certain people. These are useful for one and all.

3. These medicines can be taken at any time. There is no restriction about taking them before or after consuming food and can be taken with tea, coffee or water. They don’t change the taste.

4. These medicines are only to be chewed.

5. Five types of these medicines can be taken at the same time.

6. These medicines can be taken any number of times in a day as per the nature of illness. In chronic ailments, these medicines can be taken once or twice a day.

7. These medicines can be consumed by anyone, a new born baby, an old person, or even a pregnant woman.

2C. Validity of these medicines

1. These medicines do not expire. They last for many years.

2. These medicines are totally safe and have no side effects.

2D. Effect of these medicines

These medicines show immediate effect.


3. First-aid and Bach flower therapy

Rescue Remedy

In case of serious types of life threatening events such as accidents, burning, singeing, electric shock and poisoning etc. which leads to medical emergency, this medicine is useful for all such types of ailments.

1. Even if a wound is deep and there is a bleeding, this medicine helps control the bleeding immediately, and there is no need for covering the wound with a bandage.

2. If a patient is unconscious and his hands and feet are cold, breathing is slow and if the patient’s vein is difficult to find, this medicine can be given and it has a quick effect on the patient. He immediately gets up and walks as if nothing had happened.

3. In case of insect bites, poisoning or a poisonous animal bites, this medicine helps in negating the effect of poison within some time.

4. This medicine can immediately reduce pain in cases of burns, scalds, etc. saving from serious effects of burns.

5. Any kind of unbearable pain gets quickly reduced with this medicine.

Just one dose of this medicine is enough even if the condition of a patient is serious. There is no need to give another dose. This medicine is not only useful as a first-aid but it can completely cure a patient. If a dose of this medicine is given some time before any surgery, the bleeding after the surgery is greatly reduced and it helps in curing the wounds so that a patient is soon discharged from the hospital. Everyone should, therefore, keep these medicines in their first-aid box.

–  Compiler: Homeopath Dr. Pravin Mehta, Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel (11.8.2020)

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