Kumbh Mela : Pilgrims throng Sanatan Sanstha’s exhibition of holy texts

Haridwar – Sanatan Sanstha’s exhibition of sacred texts, held on the eve of the first holy bath in the ongoing Kumbh Mela, attracted a huge response from the devotees.

Sanatan Sanstha held a mobile exhibition at Har Ki Paudi (Vishnu Ghat), Bhimgoda, Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple and Saptarshi Marg, while an exhibition of holy texts was held at some places as well. Flex banners providing education on Dharma were put up at Har Ki Paudi to educate the pilgrims about religious conduct and practices. Number of pilgrims were attracted to the novel information displayed in the exhibition. Several pilgrims urged the seekers to visit their regions and arrange the exhibition there.


1. Many pilgrims were paying respect (Namaskar) to the holy texts held by the seekers during mobile exhibition in Kumbh Mela area.

2. One of the attendees affectionately inquired about the seekers and praised the Sanstha’s work.

3. Feedback from the spiritually curious visitors

a. One temple priest said, “I have been doing puja since many years; however, i am reading the information that is in your holy books for the first time. You are doing great work and should visit our Ashram.”

b. One of the visitors met the seekers manning the mobile exhibition in Kumbh Mela and said, ‘I wish to purchase all of your holy books. The knowledge in these books must reach every household. You should reach out to every household.’ He purchased all the books.

c. Mahant Swami Vishweshwar of Daksh Prajapati Temple said, “You are doing a great service to Dharma.” He offered ‘Prasad’ to Sanatan’s seekers.

d. Pilgrims from Kashipur (Uttarakhand) said, “Arrange the exhibition in our region. We will assist you with everything.”

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