Misconceptions about eclipse

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Shri. Prashant Juvekar

‘For the last several years, some people have been trying to put forth deranged points about any particular cultural topic and trying to prove themselves correct by hook or by crook. As per them, “Everything that is said in Hindu culture and in spirituality, is completely wrong and should be discarded,” and they try to impose same thoughts on other people. Because of the corona pandemic, one cannot go out physically, but, the thoughts on the mind can be expressed. So they can spread these thoughts and ideas, and there is nothing wrong with that; But we too should think sanely whether we should accept their thoughts and ideas or have our own views and opinions about it.

A lot of things about eclipse are coming up on social media. Some people criticize the old thoughts about eclipse namely ‘air is polluted during eclipse’; ‘one should not sleep during eclipse’ etc. Basically, the evidence they give to criticize these points are enough to prove their intellectual bankruptcy. That is why I pity of such people.


1. Increase in the predominance of Raj-tam
qualities in the atmosphere during the eclipse

One should think over about, ‘Why is something being said?’ It is said that the air is polluted during the eclipse. Not in the sense that the air and water are polluted as it was after the Bhopal gas tragedy, but in the sense that the predominance of Raj-tam qualities (those who are always sitting with binoculars should not even considering about understanding what exactly are Sattva, Raj, Tam components) are increased during the eclipse. It is said with this meaning as it affects the environment. Therefore, it is wrong to ask a childish question like, ‘How to cover a dam during eclipse?’


2. It is necessary to take a bath after eclipse so as to regain sattvikta.

The purpose of taking a bath after the eclipse is to get rid of the raj-tam on the body. What will those who believe that ‘bathing means washing the body which is same as washing clothes’ understand about this? But Hindu Dharmashastra sees bathing not only in terms of ‘body cleansing’, but also in terms of ‘purifying the body’. There is a gap between cleanliness and purity. Soap can cleanse the body; But how will it purify the body? To purify is to remove the covering of Raj-Tama and become Sattvik. For the same reason at the time of bathing, one should keep the attitude that one is ‘bathing with the water of holy rivers’.


3. Pregnant woman should take care to have a sattvik offspring.

Giving examples of women from countries like Pakistan, USA etc., some ignorant people ask, “why Only Indian women are affected by eclipse?” Hindu Dharmashastra has a noble and comprehensive thought regarding offspring. The idea here is not just to bear physically strong offspring, but the offspring should be sattvic too. A physically strong offspring can be raj-tam predominant who can also be dangerous to society; But a sattvik and virtuous offspring can create a good society. Therefore, it is said that ‘pregnant women should not watch the eclipse’ so that the raj – tama predominant environment during the eclipse does not affect the fetus.


4. Eclipse is the best time for spiritual practice

‘Since eclipse is the best time for sadhana, everyone should take advantage of this time by doing sadhana instead of sleeping and increasing tam qualities,’ is the noble thought behind this.


5. The so-called Progressives who do not have knowledge of spirituality!

The eclipse is an astronomical event, is well known; But does that mean that this phenomenon does not have any subtle effecst on the environment, body and mind? So what should one talk about such people who broadcasting articles on social media without having any knowledge about it? For an invisible corona virus, washing one’s hands thousands of times a day for 40 seconds is not a problem, for such people but they will always keep interfering in science of spirituality without having any knowledge about it. Anyway, they don’t have any other option too; Because by doing so, he can make his shop run and also they gets ‘funding’ from Hindu opponents.

Even being so, we all Hindus are wise. We should not fall prey to this propaganda and follow our great Hindu Dharmashastra, is our only humble expectation! ‘

– Shri. Prashant Juvekar, Jalgaon
Reference: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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