O Hindus, recognize the conspiracy of the progressives who brainwash us by saying, ‘Instead of offering money in the temple, give the same money to the beggars sitting outside the temple’, and thereby attack the seat of our faith!

I received the following WhatsApp message from my friend, ‘Instead of offering Rs 15-20 in the temple, give the same money to a beggar sitting outside the temple. Give him at least a packet of biscuits worth Rs.5.’ The debate that took place between me and my friend on this topic is given ahead.


1. Attacking the faith of Hindus,
conspiracy of progressive minded people !

1 A. Why are only Hindus targeted ?

Progressive minded people are spreading such propaganda only to attack Hindu Dharma. Progressive minded people only have objection on coconuts and money offered by Hindus, however, they don’t observe the shawls offered on mausoleums, as well as the polluting candles lit in the churches. They never utter a word against it.

1 B. While money is being wasted in all other sectors,
why such propaganda only in the context of money offered in the temples?

‘Don’t these progressive minded people observe that the politicians have accumulated a lot of money ? When some people demand Rs.5 crore salary to be given to the cricket players, don’t they have any considerations for poor people ? The salaries of all the ministers have been increased recently. Even then, why didn’t the progressive minded people protest it ?’, Why shouldn’t such questions arise in the minds of the awakened Hindus ? Therefore Hindus should not pay any attention to the baseless ideas of the progressive minded people.

1 C. Not giving a thought to the reasons for increase in poverty

Today, 40% of India’s population is poor. Hindus also donate to the poor; but how many poor people have been uplifted from poverty in the last 70 years ? How many measures have been taken by the various governments till date without going to the root cause of the poverty issues ? Superficial measures may have been taken; but will the progressive minded people think about how successful the government has been in implementing those ? Are they going to ask the government for an answer ?

1 D. If the progressive minded people have so much
compassion for the poor, so why don’t they provide them with employment?

We see beggars in many places. It also includes a lot of young people. If the progressive minded people have so much compassion for the poor, then they should have made arrangements for giving employment to these young beggars by now. Why were they habituated to beg and obtain food for free ?

1 E. While there is a ban on begging in
some developed countries in the interest of the country,
number of beggars are growing in India due to lack of proper measures

Today, begging is banned in some developed countries, because they realize that even if one person starts begging today, he will set an example and the number of beggars will increase in the future. This way the humans will get habituated of eating for free. These developed countries have only given thought to the national interest. Therefore, the citizens of these countries too are eager to work. Will the progressive minded people think about all this? While the number of beggars is increasing day by day, progressive minded people should not give a dose of humanity only to Hindus rather than taking appropriate measures to get rid of poverty.


2. As there is no guarantee of how the
money given to the beggars will be used, O Hindus,
‘Do not become partners in sin by donating the ineligible !’

Shri. Ishaan Joshi

Some beggars are very unusual. By looking at the below examples, it is really doubtful if the beggars are trustworthy.

A. In one instance in Mumbai, it was noticed that a beggar had his own house. He has his own two-wheeler. Just as if someone would go for a job, this person travels to the location on his bike everyday and returns on his bike after begging ! How can he be termed as a poor ?

B. In some places there are gangs operating that make children beg. Therefore, why should Hindus donate money to beggars when they do not know to whom the donated money goes to ?

C. In some places, beggars are often seen using the money they get, for gambling, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes etc. By giving money to such beggars we become partners in sin and the society should therefore be completely aware of whom it is donating money to.


3. Funds from temples are also being used for the welfare of the poor

‘Money offered to temples is used for the welfare of the poor.

This shows that establishing Hindu Rashtra is the only solution to solve all kinds of problems of all people and Hindus must unite and work towards it! ‘

– Shri. Ishaan Joshi (age 20 years), Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.
Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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