Instructions about preparations to face upcoming calamitous times are optional

Instructions given by Sanatan Sanstha regarding the preparations to be done to face the upcoming calamitous times may be followed by choice, so beware of miscreants spreading misconceptions about Sanatan Sanstha in this respect!

Mr. Chetan Rajhans

At present Sanatan Sanstha through Sanatan Prabhat is advising its readers to migrate from big cities as part of preparations for the upcoming calamitous times. Instead of trying to understand these forewarnings opponents of Sanatan Sanstha are deliberately making an attempt to spread misconceptions about the Sanstha.

1. Objection :

Some opponents are criticising the Sanstha stating that it is creating panic in society by publishing unscientific information such as a prediction about the Third World War.

Clarification :

These critics have not understood the purpose of this warning. If observed on the physical plane, then due to problems arising out of overcrowding, the Corona pandemic, growing tension between other countries and war-like situation between Bharat and China, one gets a rough idea about how in the near future big cities will have to face calamities. A number of Saints and seers like Nostradamus have repeatedly warned mankind about the upcoming calamitous times. Sanatan Sanstha is only giving suggestions to seekers to prepare for such calamities and to remain safe. These may be followed voluntarily and Sanatan Sanstha is not coercing anyone to follow them.

2. Objection :

On one hand Sanatan Sanstha is prediciting that calamitous times are expected soon and on the other and are asking for video-filming equipment as donation.

Clarification :

At present we are experiencing the Corona pandemic, economic recession, and war like situation at the border, all indicators of the upcoming calamitous times. This means that the calamitous time is near. So, only till the intensity of these times do not increase can the mission of spreading Spirituality be carried out. The main mission of Sanatan Sanstha is spreading Spirituality. As personally conducting activities to spread Spirituality is not possible due to social distancing and other restrictions laid down by the Government of India, this mission is being carried out online on a large scale. This includes continuous online satsangs, debates, Hindu conventions, workshops etc. This can continue only till the intensity of the calamities do not grow. That is why to cope with the increasing demand and need of the hour, the Sanstha has appealed to donate video-filming equipment.

– Mr. Chetan Rajhans, National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha (28.9.2020)

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