Guidelines on ‘Care to be taken in the actual situation of flood’ – Part 4

During the massive floods that occurred in several cities of Maharashtra and Karnataka in the year 2019, many people were in a confused mindset as they did not know how to handle the situation. In such condition, there is a possibility of people taking wrong decisions or actions. To avoid this, useful guidelines are being given here on ‘what care should one take when faced with a flood’, ‘what should one do when being evacuated to a safe place’ and ‘what precautions should be taken after receding of flood water’.

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9. Remain safe by taking the following
precautions in an actual flood situation !

A. Use water sparingly. Drink only boiled and purified water. As far as possible avoid stale food. Also ensure that cooked food is kept covered.

B. If an electrical equipment are getting submerged in water then switch off the flow of electricity at once and do not use the equipment.

C. If the flood water has entered the house, then switch off the main electrical supply from the electric pole. One can get an electric shock if the electric current and water comes in close contact.

D. If the ground floor of the house gets flooded, then avoid shifting to the first or second floor or the terrace. This is because if the water level rises further then it will become impossible to get out of the house and move to a safer place. Hence when the water level is low, leave the house immediately and seek refuge at the Government arranged camp for flood affected areas.

E. Use the mobile phone only when extremely essential. Nowadays since all family members possess mobile phones, use only one mobile phone so that batteries of all other phones do not get discharged at the same time.

F. In the water logged areas there are chances vehicles getting stuck and a traffic jam to occur. Hence do not take two or four wheelers to such areas. If the vehicles are parked near the house or elsewhere, then secure them with metal chains to prevent them from being flown away in the flood water.

G. Pay more attention to children, the aged and handicap family members and give them moral support.

H. In flood affected areas there are chances of spread of rumours. Do not believe in such rumours. Trust only the official information broadcasted by the Government.


10. Precautions to be taken with respect to health

10 A. Preventive measures against epidemics

Excessive rain leads to moisture and humidity. Sun gets hidden behind the clouds obstructing the sunrays and the sunlight. This results in spread of disease and germs. Due to this and the contaminated water, there are chances of occurrence of water borne diseases (jaundice, typhoid, diarrhoea, leptospirosis etc). Hence taking care of health is of utmost importance.

10 B. High infestation of mosquitoes during floods can cause diseases such as malaria and dengue. In such cases, preventive remedies such as mosquito nets, anti-mosquito coils, anti-mosquito incense sticks and creams such as odomos can be used.


11. Efforts on the spiritual plane

11 A. Offering prayers to God

Wholeheartedly pray unto Shrikrushna, the Village Deity, Deity of the place and premises every 15 to 30 minutes as, ‘O God we surrender unto You. Only You can save us. Please grant me the ability to chant Your Name continuously. Please create a protective armour of Your Name around me, my family and my home’.

11B. Chant as much as possible

Chant the Name of Bhagwan Shrikrushna or the Family Deity or Deity of worship as much as possible throughout the day. Since chanting the Name of God alone is our support in Kaliyug, keep chanting the Name of God in the mind. If the facility of playing the chant is available, then play it on the mobile phone or speaker. This will act as a reminder for us to chant.

11C. What should be the spiritual emotion when helping others?

In such calamities everyone should help each other, provide emotional support and also make efforts to increase faith in God. Displaying social brotherhood is definitely everyone’s duty. When helping others do so amidst chanting of God’s Name and bearing the spiritual emotion that God is getting this service done from you. This prevents thoughts of doership and also does not result in give-and-take account creation with that individual.

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