Preparations to be done at the gross level to be equipped to face floods – Part 3

Important information for the people residing in flood-prone areas

Flash floods occur in the monsoon due to excessive rainfall. In other seasons too flooding can occur due to cloud bursts. Several cities in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka were submerged in water due to the excessive rainfall in the year 2019. Vehicular movement came to a standstill as many roads connecting to the villages were subsided. Several houses were submerged in the flood. In some places the water current was so strong that several people, cattle and vehicles were swept away. Petrol, diesel, milk and other essential commodities went out of stock. Human life was completely devastated due to this sudden natural calamity.

One cannot predict occurrence of such calamity in the future. The points mentioned further will help people residing in flood-prone areas to be prepared to face it.


6. Preparations to be made to be able to get out of flooded areas

A. Sometimes flood waters rise upto 8 feet or even more. In such circumstances if one does not know how to swim then he may lose his life. Hence maximum number of people should learn how to swim.

B. Life jackets can be used to move through the flood water to a safe place. This prevents drowning irrespective of the depth of water. Buying a life jacket is very important as it would be very helpful in calamitous times.

C. Vehicle tyre tubes if inflated can serve the same purpose. Therefore, arrange for one tyre tube for every family member.


7. Other important points

7A. Keeping vital things together in water proof bag

In case of a natural calamity such as a flood, earthquake etc. you may need to immediately evacuate your home and move to a safer place. In such circumstances there is no time to collect all the vital things. Hence one should keep all vital things (clothes, medicines etc.) together in a waterproof bag.

7B. Keep essentials things at a place from where they will be easily accesible Rope

Ensure that good quality plastic sheets and strong ropes are kept in the house at an easily accessible place, so that they can be used when necessary to tie the objects.

7C. Preserve important contacts and addresses in a book Diary

In the absence of electricity, mobile phone cannot be charged. To avoid obstacles in communicating with relatives, police station, fire station, nearby hospitals etc, preserve the address and phone numbers in a diary. This will enable us in contacting them through other channels such as landline phones or mobile phones of others.


8. Pre-monsoon preparations

A. Since animals have a better potential than humans to perceive danger signals, if you observe change in their behaviour then immediately become alert.

B. Shift animals such as dogs, cattle etc. to a safe place where they will receive supply of food / fodder. If the Government or a NGO has made arrangements for safety of animals then avail the benefit of that scheme. (In the year 2019 as per the known figures, 8000 animals died in the floods which happened in western Maharashtra, actual figures could be higher.)

C. Make arrangements in advance in case you need to shift to the house of a relative, friend or wellwisher. This will prevent last moment panic.

D. List down all the things that the children and aged family members might need during the calamity and make the necessary arrangements in advance.

E. If the house has a basement floor then move the material from there to the upper floor. Items that can get damaged due to the water entering the house (e.g. mattresses, extra pillows, blankets) should be shifted to a safe place.

F. Move wooden furniture present in the house to a safe place. If this is not possible then secure them with metal chains tied to cement columns and windows to prevent it from being washed away.

G. In the event of a flood, if you need to evacuate your home, then carry small idols and pictures of Deities from the temple at your home with you. If all of them cannot be carried then place the small idols, Holy footwear and shaligram (A stone symbolising Shri Vishnu) on a cloth in a steel or aluminium container. You may keep more than one idol in the same container, but place a soft cloth or cotton balls between them to ensure that they do not strike each other and break or get disfigured. As far as possible shift them away from flood prone areas to a safe place in the home of a relative or friend.

H. If the idols of Deities are too heavy to carry, then keep them in a secure, high place or a loft in the house. They can be placed in a specially made square box made from good quality water resistant plywood. Idol can be safely kept in it atleast for some period. Shelf life of the box can be increased by painting it or applying a waterproof coat to it. If good quality wood is unavailable then use fibre or some other equivalent material.

I. Electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, television sets, ovens etc. can get damaged beyond repair if water seeps into them. Hence we need to wrap them in plastic and place in a secure place. If the appliances are heavy and difficult to shift then tie them to the wall with a metal chain after packing to prevent from being washed away in increasing water levels.

J. In a flood situation electricity can get disrupted for several hours to few days. In this situation if the mobile phone gets discharged then communication will become difficult. Using a power bank could be an option. If there are old mobile phones in the house then check if they are in working condition. These old mobile phones can also be used in an emergency.

K. Umbrellas, raincoats, gum boots, if available, should be cleaned and kept ready for use.

L. There are chances of mosquito infestation in stagnant water puddles around the house. Therefore, as far as possible prevent accumulation of water in the surroundings and take measures for protection from mosquitoes.

M. Follow the instructions broadcasted by the Government and metereological department from time to time, do not ignore them.

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Along with the preparations at the gross level to face calamity,
begin spiritual practice and prepare yourself on the spiritual plane too !

No matter how prepared you are at the gross level to face the floods, in order to gain protection it essential to worship God regularly (perform spiritual practice). A common man panics in a calamity. However as a seeker has intense faith that God will save him he is able to remain stable. Only spiritual practice gives us strength to face unfavourable events that occur in our life bravely.

To increase one’s preparedness in the imminent catastrophic natural disasters and lead a content life, begin spiritual practice immediately!


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