Uses of the rui (crown flower) plant in day-to-day living


1. Thread

‘Rope is made from stem of the rui plant. After the plant is cut let it dry in the sun for a day or two. This facilitates easy peeling of the green skin of the stem. Flatten and wash it clean, which makes it white. Then separate out fine thin threads from it. This itself is its thread. As this thread does not easily rot in water it is used as a string in fishing tackle.


2. Paper

The pulp from the stem of this plant is used in making paper.


3. Cotton

It is said that the pods of this plant yield cotton which is even softer and cool in nature than the cotton from the bombax tree.


4. Colour

Latex from this plant is used in painting hides of animals.


5. Glue

If latex of the rui plant is boiled then a gluey substance is created which can be used in making rubber.


6. Ammunition used in fireworks

Coal from the rui plant being light is used in making ammunition for fireworks.


7. Manure

Manure from the rui plant and its leaves help in destroying termites.


8. Some medicinal properties

A. Painkiller : Rui leaves can be used to foment a painful area using by applying oil, ghee or castor oil to the leaf.

B. Earache : Instil 1 drop of rui leaf juice into the ear for an earache.’

(Reference : Vyavahar-ropyogi Vanaspativarnan (Part 1), Author – Ganesh Ranganath Dighe, 1913)

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