Mrs. Kailashkumari Maheshchandra Solanki (67 years) who performed spiritual practice as she fulfilled worldly duties, attained Sainthood

रज-तमाच्या वातावरणात (विदेशात) राहून केली आपण साधना ।
भाव अन् भक्तीच्या बळावर गुरुमंत्राची अखंडित आराधना ॥

निरपेक्षता आणि त्यागी वृत्ती ही आपली ओळख दैवी ।
जाणिली ती श्रीहरीने केले आपणास विराजमान संतपदी ॥

H.H. (Mrs.) Kailashkumari Solanki being honoured with a picture of Shrikrushna by Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal (standing), Mr. Maheshchandra Solanki is seated beside her

Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi (Goa) – If you possess the Divine virtues of spiritual emotion for God, intense yearning to perform spiritual practice and of living in the present then no matter which part of the world you reside in you can certainly make spiritual progress. Mrs. Kailashkumari Maheshchandra Solanki, 67 years of age, originally from Diu, residing in the United Kingdom for the past 18 years, the maternal aunt of Dr. Manoj Solanki with a spiritual level of 69%, from Madgao, Goa is an ideal example of this and was declared a Saint at a small function held at the Ramnathi ashram in Goa on March 15, 2020. In fact the announcement was made by her nephew Dr. Manoj Solanki with intense spiritual emotion. It evoked spiritual emotion in the seekers attending the function. She was felicitated by Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal of Sanatan Sanstha. Others present were her husband Mr. Maheshchandra Raichandi Solanki, parents of Dr. Manoj Solanki, Mrs. Indira Solanki (her paternal first cousin) and Mr. Vasantlal Solanki.

On this auspicious occasion H.H. (Mrs.) Solanki who has a very low ego said, “I consider myself very fortunate. I do not render any kind of seva, in fact I am an ordinary housewife. I have met my Guru once again in the form of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale. Though I am seeing Him for the first time in my life it seems as if I am connected with Him for a long time. By visiting the ashram and meeting Him my life has been fulfilled.” H.H. (Mrs.) Solanki was visiting her nephew, seeker Dr. Manoj Solanki who had brought her for a visit to the ashram when she was explained the activities being carried out here.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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