Participate in Sanatan Sanstha’s service unto Dharma !


Participate in Sanatan Sanstha’s Dharmakarya as per your capacity !

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1. Activities undertaken by Sanatan Sanstha across India and Sanatan’s seekers implementing it with selfless attitude and dedication !

Our organisation carries out various activities as a Service unto Dharma in various states of India, including Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, West Bengal and Odisha. The seekers and associated activists of Sanatan conduct these activities (benefiting the society and aimed towards progress of our nation and Dharma) free of charge with an attitude of service and selflessness. Most of the seekers who have dedicated themselves to Sanatan’s activities are highly-educated and along with their families actively contribute their talents.

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2. Those who wish to serve Dharma,
please participate in Sanatan Sanstha’s activities !

How can you participate ?

2 A. Actively participate in the Dharmakarya going on in your state

There is demand to initiate Dharmakarya in the following states : Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Bihar, Assam etc. So, according to your capacity and expertise can participate in Sanatan’s Dharmakarya (which strives to benefit the entire mankind) in the following ways :

2 A 1. Providing complimentary venues for programmes organised by Sanatan Sanstha

Esteemed individuals like trustees of Temples and Halls used for religious functions, Owners of public halls and theaters can make these spaces available free of cost for holding Sanatan Sanstha’s activities like for Dharmashikshan (providing education about Dharma and Values), Satsang (Company of the God Principle) ceremonies, exhibitions of Hindu Dharma-related topics, etc. If your house or shop are close to main roads or highways, you can provide some area to display Dharma-related boards, or boards advertising the Sanstha’s products.

2 A 2. Active participation in the Dharmakarya

You can contribute through personally writing Dharma-related educative material on flex boards or notice boards, propagating Dharma, painting articles promoting Dharma on the exterior walls of your house or shop, asking seekers of the Sanstha to write text giving education about Dharma. You can also contribute by participating in free blood-donation camps, health check-up workshops, clean-up activities, exhibitions on our freedom fighters organised by Sanatan Sanstha. You can propagate Dharma by printing text that creates awareness about Dharma in the empty spaces on wedding invitations, visiting cards, etc.

2 B. Providing financial support

In order to accomplish a worthy objective, financial resources are as essential as human resources. Currently, the propagation of the activities is being financed through the donations received from seekers and the society and out of revenues from distribution of the Sanstha’s Holy texts and publications. However, considering the magnitude of task at hand, which is indeed a herculean effort, the organisation is in need of more financial support. God Himself is capable of accomplishing the Dharmakarya, however this provides an opportunity for everyone who wish to contribute in the activities of Dharmakarya, to participate as per their capacity. Donations to the Sanstha are also eligible for Tax rebates under S-’80G’. You can financially support the Sanstha by donating money as per your capacity on monthly basis.

2 C. Contributing in kind

Donating old but useable wooden furniture, large utensils, electrical/electronic appliances like computers, fans, fax machines, televisions, electric geysers, cameras, etc., as well as two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Seekers can make necessary repairs and utilise these donated items for the Dharmakarya.

2 D. Offering one’s professional skills in the ‘Dharmakarya’

If you are a Doctor, you can contribute by offering medical services to seekers at lower rates, or offering free services during the free health check-up workshops arranged by the Sanstha from time to time. If you are from the construction sector, then you can offer your service of helping the Sanstha procure construction equipment and material at cheaper rates to build Ashrams (a place where a seeker can remain engrossed in spiritual practice through spiritual discipline). Auditors, Chartered Accountants, Photographers, Journalists, engineers from various fields like Computers, Electrical and Videography, as well as skilled experts can lend their professional knowledge in the Dharmakarya, and thus participate directly or indirectly in the Sanstha’s activities.

2 E. Advertising, sponsoring or getting sponsors

You can regularly advertise in Sanatan Sanstha’s publications (Daily, Weekly and Monthly) which are available in several languages. On behalf of the Sanstha, flex boards providing Dharmashikshan and posters for Dharmajagruti (creating awareness of Dharma) are displayed at public places like temples and halls where religious functions are held. Leaflets to create awareness on malpractices in festivals like Ganeshotsav, Navratri, Holi, Dipawali and others, are distributed free of cost. You can contribute by sponsoring the expenditure incurred by the sanstha towards publishing and distributing these leaflets, posters and flex boards. You can suggest others who will be able to sponsor the above, or even get sponsors on your own.

2 F. Donating food

Providing food for the seekers who live in the Ashrams and perform Dharmakarya.

2 G. Participating through the medium of websites

1. Disseminate information published in the articles on the website through emails, social networking sites like Telegram, Twitter and posting in online groups.

Following are Sanatan’s official pages and profiles :

2. Posting the website’s articles related to the science of spirituality on your blog along with a direct link to the source. Send the articles to various publications for publishing.

3. Translate Marathi content on the website into languages like English, Hindi and Kannada. Give as much time as possible towards this seva on a daily basis as well as motivate others to do the same !

4. Use your technical education and experience for the Dharmakarya !

You can participate in the Dharmakarya through your web education and experience ! Example : Web Designing and Development, SEO and Web Promotion, Mobile Compatibility, Mobile Application Development (Android, Windows, iOS etc.), Mass Emailing Server etc.

2 H. Avail benefit of Sanatan Sanstha’s books, CDs & VCDs and sattvik products, and guide others to use them as well

1. Learn and put into practice the knowledge provided in over 200 holy texts published by Sanatan Sanstha; on subjects like religious vows and observances, complying with Achardharma (Code of righteous conduct) etc, and convey the knowledge to others as well.

2. With the objective of imparting education about Dharma to Hindus, donate the invaluable collection of Holy texts for display in public places like libraries, educational institutions, temples, Ashrams and organisations.

3. Start a Satsang for family members, neighbours and others through the VCDs created to educate people about Dharma and Spiritual practice (Sadhana). You can also make efforts aimed at broadcasting the same VCD Satsangs through cable channels.

4. Become consumers of Sanatan Sanstha’s sattvik products used in daily puja (Ritualistic worship), Ayurvedic products and products for common use, and also encourage others to use them.

5. Give ‘Sanskar Notebooks’ (value-education notebooks) to children every year.

6. Gift Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy texts and products to people on occasions like weddings, Diwali, Haldi-Kumkum ceremonies, etc.

Volunteer, sponsor or help organize Sanatan Sanstha’s various activities and fulfill your responsibility towards Dharma and Nation !

Kindly fill the ‘Online Form’ given below to participate in Sanatan’s Dharmakarya.

Online Form

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