Identify unpleasant incidents of the day that are obstacles in sadhana !

H.H. Ashok Patrikar
H.H. Ashok Patrikar

The average seekers experience that their efforts in vyashti (Individual spiritual practice that benefits only the seeker) and samashti sadhana (Spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality) such as chanting, writing, autosuggestions, sevas (Service unto the Absolute Truth), interaction with others etc. progress satisfactorily.

However, all of a sudden, these efforts slacken. The reasons for the slackening may not be comprehended at that time. After this, the seeker does not feel like making any further efforts to perform sadhana. This gets repeated the next day, and when several such days pass, negative thoughts start increasing.


Let us study this process.

1. An unpleasant incident taking place any time of the
day results in disappointment and affects the sadhana efforts

In such a situation, study the mind. It will be realised that so long as everything happens as per our wish, all our efforts take place smoothly. However, even if a single incident takes place against our wishes, it adversely affects all our efforts after the incident, thus causing deep disappointment. Mostly, such incidents are very minor in nature; some examples are given ahead.

A. When we need to attend to some urgent seva in the morning, the bathroom is found occupied.

B. When we go to wash our clothes, we find that the washing machine is being used by other seekers.

C. The room is not swept by the designated seeker; thus a thought – ‘who will do it now ?’

D. On coming to the section, a message about some unplanned seva is received.

E. There is some unexpected message from our home.

F. Finding some mistakes again in the seva of an individual about whom we are prejudiced.

G. Some quarrel or difference of opinion takes place at home or some other place between husband and wife, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, or between other relatives.

H. Sometimes we remember some past incidents of dispute, and the mind gets unnecessarily entangled in them.

I. While interacting with others, we are reminded of some unpleasant incident about ourself through their narration, and the mind becomes restless.

J. Someone points out our mistake.

K. Some sudden physical ailment.

L. Tension is caused since the prescribed spiritual remedies have not been completed.

Many such incidents can be identified in our day-to-day life.

2. Identify the unpleasant incident that has taken
place during the day and take timely autosuggestions on it

As a remedy on all such incidents when restlessness is experienced, study it from the time the state of mind was good to the point when we realise the occurrence of the unpleasant incident. Once the particular incident is identified, timely autosuggestions should be taken and the autosuggestion sessions should be continued till the thought becomes feeble. There should be no limit for these autosuggestion sessions. Their numbers should be reduced gradually once you are sure of overcoming the incident. This remedy can control related thoughts over a period.

As a result, disappointment is eliminated and positive thinking increases; thus, all efforts start smoothly as earlier.

For uncompleted spiritual remedies, the only way is to complete the prescribed spiritual remedies. If you feel like avoiding spiritual remedies, take autosuggestions on this feeling. For physical ailments, visit the doctor promptly and start medication.

3. When more than one incident
takes place, take autosuggestions for each

If more than one incident takes place during the day, take autosuggestions on each or one after the other by giving priority to incidents according to their intensity.

4. It is necessary to save invaluable time of
sadhana by comprehending the severity of the adverse times

O’ Seekers ! the severity of the adverse times is on the increase day-by-day. Therefore, every moment of sadhana is invaluable. Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale has shown us all the ways to identify the obstacles that cause obstacles in our sadhana. Benefit from His guidance and pray to Him with complete surrender – ‘May my efforts and speed of sadhana increase !’

I offer these words, which have been suggested by Paratpar Guru [Dr.] Athavale Himself, unto His Holy feet.
– Sanatan’s Saint H.H. Ashok Patrikar (Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa)

Source: Fortnightly Sanatan Prabhat

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