‘Learning from the past, remaining in the present and being alert about the future !’

H.H.Sandeep Alshi

Various personality defects and ego are responsible for the mistakes committed by or incorrect thoughts of seekers. Additionally, factors such as destiny, influence of time (as per the importance of time) and distress created by negative energies are also responsible.

1. Destiny : According to a statement in Sanskrut, ‘Thoughts that drive us to perform a karma in the present have a direct correlation with our karma of the past births (meaning, destiny).

2. Influence of time : Yudhishthir was Dharma (Righteousness) personified; yet, he became the victim of a thought of staking all he possessed in the game of dice (meaning, gambling). This thought arose out of the influence of time !

3. Distress caused by negative energies : This aspect is applicable to a large extent especially to those who suffer from severe spiritual distress.

Today, due to the mistakes they commit and the incorrect thoughts they get, seekers are getting frustrated quickly. It generates a chain of thoughts such as, ‘How can I get such thoughts ?, I should not have behaved in this manner, I am lacking in my sadhana efforts, I will not be able to perform sadhana properly etc.’, and as a result, invaluable time of sadhana as well as mental energy get wasted.

Instead of remaining engrossed in such thoughts, seekers should keep the above perspectives in mind and give priority to making efforts to come out of this state as soon as possible. Thus, seekers should perform sadhana as per the three-point approach – ‘Learning from the past (meaning, studying and understanding the root cause of personality defects and ego)’, ‘Remaining in the present (meaning, taking autosuggestions for eliminating personality defects and ego along with performing spiritual remedies as per the requirement)’ and ‘Being alert about the future (meaning, speaking to a good seeker to overcome obstacles of the mind by learning better perspectives and performing ‘Personality Defect Removal’ / ‘Ego Removal’ process more effectively)’. By following these guidelines, invaluable time and energy of seekers for sadhana will be saved and they will be able to progress faster.

– Sanatan’s Saint H.H. Sandeep Alshi (Ramnathi Ashram, Goa)

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