Helpline Number : Close and reliable friend in the event of emergency !

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No one can predict when one may need to face an emergency situation. All available means of assistance must be used in such situations. In addition, helpline numbers should also be used. Although the helpline number is not a permanent option, it is still to be used on priority. When we have to face medical, violence, emergency, legal or administrative crisis, it is important to recognize the calamitous times and overcome the situation by all means


1. Need to use helpline numbers

We are all living in a high-tech era. Therefore, it is not appropriate to operate in the traditional way. Therefore, citizens should use the latest technology. Helpline numbers have been made available in relation to police, ambulances, epidemics, incidences of fire and poisoning, as well as for assisting senior citizens. They should also be used keeping in mind the priority of their use.


2. Benefits and reasons for using helpline numbers

2 a. Getting quick and efficient help

If a person needs immediate medical attention, he should seek the help of a helpline rather than taking assistance from a private or common person. If an ambulance is made available through the helpline, then the medical treatment can be started immediately. There is also a possibility of getting assistance from the experts.

2 b. Government officials are unable to evade their duty if the helpline number is called

Calls made to the helpline numbers are often recorded. Therefore, it is mandatory for government employees to register them. Suppose if you make a complaint by contacting the helpline number of the traffic control department, then they cannot avoid by giving an excuse that the concerned authorities have not registering the complaint. We also have strong evidence that the complaint was made to the right place.


3. What care should be taken when using a helpline number?

Advocate Nagesh Joshi (Takbhate)

A. Since the calls made to the helpline number are recorded, these numbers should not be dialed inadvertently.

B. When calling the helpline, you should preferably use your own mobile phone, which will help you further in legal matters.

C. The mobile device from which the helpline number was dialed for making a complaint, should be available at the site of the incidence.

D. The person who has dialed the number must come forward and introduce himself.

E. The known information about the incidence, as well as the details of assistance required, should be clearly told to the police or the concerned administrative staff.

F. Mobile device should be kept in ‘audio recording’ mode when making a call to helpline number. This helps in remembering the instructions given by the concerned officer or employee. We also get a ready proof of the call.

(Note: Citizens should keep an updated list of helpline numbers. Also, one should update it from time to time. It will be useful while handling emergency situations. – Compiler)


4. Helpline number must be used in addition to the
normal process of reporting a complaint at the police station

Before making any complaint to the police, one should first call the helpline number ‘100’ to register the complaint. Only then the subsequent process should be initiated, e.g. If there is a minor vehicle accident or a minor child is seen roaming around or if one wants to make a criminal complaint about any incident, one should call 100 and give the information about it first.


5. Use of helpline number for administrative work

Earlier, any administrative work could be initiated only after visiting the office; however now we can speed up our work by using the helpline number. One can contact this number before visiting the office to understand all the required details. One can enquire for submitting the application online or via email and then act accordingly. This will speed up our administrative work.


6. Benefits of calling the Police Helpline Number

6 a. Use the helpline number for your own safety !

Helpline number enables prompt registration of our complaint. We always take enough care such that nothing untoward happens in any event; however if we have to deal with a situation, calling the helpline number makes our side safer.

6 b. By calling the helpline number, evidence gets created and restrictions get enforced !

Our complaint or our say regarding an emergency incidence gets notified to the government first, which in turn gives us necessary support. Evidence of this nature also gets created.

6 c. Impossibility of avoiding responsibility

Some administrative officials try to avoid their responsibility due to which our petition or complaint either remains pending or we forget about it. However, if we contact or complain to the helpline number with due care, we can definitely benefit from it.

6 d. To be able to use it as evidence in case of any further incidence

Sometimes an incident leads to a bigger incident. Therefore, if we have complained to the ‘100’ helpline number, it can be used at the right time for our own protection.


7. Disadvantages of taking actions without using the helpline number

A. Many a times when a violent or argumentative incident occurs, we report it to the police. But the police may not register the complaint and instead may give us a threatening. In many instances the police take decisions based on the status of the persons involved.

B. If the opponent is more influential than us, then they may even implicate us in a false lawsuit

E.g. Some cow guards had gone to the police station to file a complaint against the vehicles transporting the cows. At that time, the police booked the cow guards against the crime of disturbing the peace. In such cases, it is helpful to register a complaint on the helpline number to make our side safer and stronger.

C. Sometimes it has also happened that because opposite side had filed complaints on the helpline number, the police have listened to them on priority. If we report an incident on the helpline, then we have the liberty to decide whether we want to get involved further in the incident or not.

The police helpline number is open 24 hours a day. (Not all helpline numbers will be operational 24 hours a day.) Therefore, even without physically going to the police station, some cases may get resolved by calling the helpline. This is because sometimes a police van patrolling nearby may arrive at the scene, and the violence usually stops as soon as the police arrives at the spot.


8. Use the helpline number for complaints related to noise pollution !

Helpline numbers are also available to report noise pollution. The helpline number for pollution control should be ascertained as it is specific for a region. If a member in our household is ill or for some reason the noise level is disturbing and may harm us, we can report it to this helpline number. Complaints against live programs running after 10 pm are usually registered on this number.


9. Women should contact the independent helpline number !

In India there are various helpline numbers operational for women alone. We can use these helpline numbers in cases of domestic violence, exploitation in the office, violent incidents, etc. If such an incidence occurs with a woman, she should call the helpline number associated with the Women’s Helpline. If it is not reachable, then one can dial ‘100’.


10. Problems related to the helpline

The helpline number is sometimes busy or sometimes not contactable. Attempts should be made to redial the number multiple times or by using alternate mobile number of other service providers.

Note : All citizens, well-wishers and pro-Hindus should keep the contact numbers of their nearest Beat chowki (Small police chowki) / out post / Police station/ Police Headquarters / Superintendent / Commissioner of Police. Even if you have been in connect with the police or received assistance through any other means, you must still report any incidence to the helpline. This is because a record gets created. This also helps in further judicial process or any follow up.

– Advocate Nagesh Joshi (Takbhate), Member, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad. (25.5.2020)


Some helpline numbers

Some of the numbers below belong to the Central Government and some have been published by the State Government. However, local numbers should be updated and persevered with oneself.

Poisoning related – 1066
Fire Brigade – 101
Indian Red Cross Society – (011) 23711551
Telephone Number Inquiry – 197
Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) Helpline, Directorate General of Health Services – 155224
Disaster Management of Govt. of NCT of Delhi-1077
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Missing Women and Children) – 1094
Traffic Police Helpline – 1095
Delhi Police Helpline – 1090
N.D.M.C. Control Room – 1267
Ambulance Service – 1066
Helpline number for women – 1092
ORBO C.N. Center, A.I.I.M.S. (Donation of Organ) – 1060
Reference: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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