Of the three eclipses in June and July 2020 as only the solar eclipse on 21.6.2020 will be visible in Bharat pregnant women and others should observe restrictions only with respect to this eclipse

The social media is alerting the public and creating panic by circulating messages that as there are 3 eclipses occuring on 5.6.2020, 21.6.2020 and 5.7.2020 respectively, there may be occurance of natural calamities.


Facts about the eclipses

A. ‘Of these three eclipses only the solar eclipse on Sunday 21.6.2020 (Jyeshtha Amavasya) will be visible in Bharat.

B. The lunar eclipse of 5.6.2020 is a penumbral eclipse. Only the more diffuse outer shadow of the earth, the penumbra falls on the face of the moon so a dark shading is seen on it. None of the restrictions of the eclipse have to be observed for a penumbral lunar eclipse, based on Nature, astrological sign of birth etc.

C. The virgin lunar eclipse which is scheduled to occur on Sunday July 5, 2020, Ashadh shukla paksha pournima, that is Gurupournima will not be visible in Bharat, hence restrictions pertaining to this eclipse need not be observed.

D. Restrictions pertaining to the eclipse need not be observed even by pregnant women on 5.6.2020 and 5.7.2020.

E. As the solar eclipse of 21.6.2020 will be visible in Bharat pregnant women and others need to observe all restrictions during the eclipse.’

– Mrs. Prajakta Joshi, Postgraduate in astrology, Astrology section, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (30.5.2020)
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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